Electric scooter accident: A senior woman ended up in the hospital after the collision!

A serious accident occurred on Friday afternoon in Česká Lípa in the Liberec Region. Two girls were riding an electric scooter on the sidewalk and hit an elderly woman. A 75-year-old woman suffered moderate injuries and ended up in hospital. The police warn that accidents on electric scooters are increasing and people on them often do not follow the regulations.

The girls had no protective gear and were riding on the sidewalk, which they shouldn’t have. In addition, they were inattentive and did not have time to avoid the elderly woman, whom they bumped into from behind.

“The pedestrian then fell to the ground uncoordinated and suffered a bleeding laceration of about seven centimeters on her head, abrasions on her arms and legs, as well as a painful contusion of her torso,” said police spokeswoman Ivana Baláková in a press release.

She added that an ambulance had to come for the elderly woman and she was hospitalized.

This is not an isolated case. Even a man (44) in Nové Bor couldn’t ride an electric scooter at the weekend. He crashed into a car parked by the roadside. “He badly bruised his shoulder and also complained a lot about back pain. The ambulance took him from the scene of the accident to the hospital in Česká Lípa for examination,” Baláková said that the man was under the influence of alcohol.

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