Eyebrow tattoo turned out horribly! The woman suffered for a year

Thirty-two-year-old Nipapron Meeting from the Thai province of Rayong decided to modify her eyebrows using tattoos. It wasn’t a good idea.

“My friends and I were planning a trip and I wanted my eyebrows to look good. A friend recommended me a salon. After the procedure, I looked at myself in the mirror and I was speechless,” Meeking recalls of the botched makeover a year ago.

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Like many other women, she decided to get her eyebrows fixed with a tattoo. She paid 1,500 baht (approx. 1,015 crowns) in the salon and was looking forward to the result. However, for some unknown reason, the person doing the tattoo did not modify the existing one, but tattooed her with another pair!

The management of the salon subsequently apologized to the woman and promised to fix it free of charge. However, when Meeking returned the next day, the salon was closed and never reopened in the future. A desperate woman tried in vain to find someone to remove her botched tattoo. It was only possible after a year.

“It was horrible living with four eyebrows, but luckily I’ve already found a tattoo artist who will get rid of it and doesn’t charge anything for it. I can finally have a normal life again,” says Meeking.

The repair work is not over yet, but already her face looks much better.

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