Singer admits suicidal thoughts: “I thought it was my fault”

Singer admits suicidal thoughts: “I thought it was my fault”
Singer admits suicidal thoughts: “I thought it was my fault”

Singer, rapper and YouTuber Raego, real name Ladislav Pham, appeared on Tuesday’s program TALK! on TN Live he talked about the tough life trials he faced in the past. He was ridiculed at school and at work because of his appearance. The harsh bullying even led him to thoughts of death. But he was able to find the strength in himself and follow his dream. Now he does what he likes and tries to bring more joy and inspiration to people with his music.

He has a strong fan base and millions of people know his songs. In 2021, he was able to establish himself in the Czech Nightingale competition, where he won bronze in the Hip Hop and Rap category. He performs alongside famous artists that he admires, but at the same time he hopes that one day he will be able to fill the O2 arena. Although Raego now seems extremely happy to be living his dreams, his road to fame has been quite a thorny one. In the program TALK! admitted that he had been the target of severe bullying in the past.

He was mocked by his classmates because of his Vietnamese appearance, overweight and acne scars. “For a very long time I fought with myself and how to accept myself. I thought that the fault was in me,” he described his feelings. “How many times I didn’t even go on the bus because I thought people would laugh at me,” he added.

He admitted that sometimes he felt like he was in a vicious circle from which there was no way out. He was also strongly affected by the suicide of a friend. “How many times have I wondered if it wouldn’t be better for me to quit,” he said.

​In the end, he came to the conclusion that death was not the answer and set out on a path that he believed would make him content and happy. He is said to have been saved by his platonic love for a vegan. He decided to go into himself and began to change mentally and physically.

By running and adjusting his diet, he was able to lose more than 50 kilograms. He realized that food was not going to help him feel safe as he had believed before. “Losing weight is a process where a person learns to like himself so much that he doesn’t reward himself with food,” he assessed retrospectively.

He began to devote himself fully to music, and although some scars remain on his soul, he is happy and tries to spread joy. His music is supposed to tell stories, so he writes the lyrics himself. “We bet on the fact that I want to be myself,” he said.

He also sought happiness in America. After a difficult beginning, he was able to establish a collaboration with Grammy-awarded artist Bizzy Bono. Now he is said to be especially happy when he can improve the days of his fans, whom he also tries to visit in person. He remained in collaboration with other artists. Together with Natália Grossová, they released the song Ledová zeid, and together with Lucía Vondráčková, they published Rány. “I enjoy connecting worlds that wouldn’t connect otherwise,” he confided.

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