Ceiling on energy prices? Fiala paid for the analysis

Price regulation. The cabinet of Petr Fiala (ODS) is currently considering it. He asked the international consulting company Ernst & Young for an analysis on the possibilities of capping energy prices. The order was placed on September 1, despite the fact that energy prices have been rising for a long time. It is written by the server Lidovky.cz.

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The server found information about the task of processing the analysis of legislative and non-legislative options for energy price regulation in the context of the current market situation and with regard to current developments at the EU level from the register of contracts. The analysis is requested by the Office of the Government, and the price for the provided services is to be 301,895 crowns including VAT. It should be finished by September 10, the analysis will be prepared by Ernst & Young.

According to a government spokesman However, Václav Smolka’s coordination group in order to solve the national form of capping energy prices, in addition to Ernst & Young, it also engages other leading consulting companies. The group was convened by Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS). According to Smolka, the aim of the group is to coordinate the outputs of individual departments and state administration and to add the know-how of the private sector. The team also includes energy suppliers and producers.

The group is to present a proposal for a national solution to high energy prices by the end of September at the latest. It should still be usable for this heating season. According to the Lidovka.cz server, one of Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s main advisers, Jakub Kajzler, is in charge of leading the group.

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