INGOTT will present its “Commando” in autumn

INGOTT will present its “Commando” in autumn
INGOTT will present its “Commando” in autumn

The group around guitarist Jura Šperl prepared for their fans a portion of new compositions in a strictly heavy metal guise. Nevertheless, the material on the album will be variable and diverse, as evidenced by the currently presented ballad track “Hallelujah”.

“Hallelujah is a sad song that describes the moment of leaving for eternity, the verses are written in the first person in direct speech, so it sounds distressing and sincere. Everyone sometimes reaches a state where they realize the inevitability of their own end and have no choice but to believe that someone will miss them, even if they “don’t have time to tell them everything”. The loving beloved promises to wait for her “there at the gates of heaven.” It’s quite a personal and intimate text,” Jura Šperl himself introduces the new song.

INGOTT have decided on a truly unconventional but very interesting approach to presenting a ballad, so now you have the opportunity to peek directly under the hood of heavy metal composers. “A slow loitering tempo (50 bpm) in the rhythm of a funeral procession with a coffin and a somber riff in the key of E minor, which in the second half is supplemented by a minor third for urgency, alternates with a short strummed chorus of “Hallelujah”, evoking reconciliation with fate, and perched on an octave higher, sounds like a choir of angels. The bass plays, somewhat “geezerbutler-esque”, at first listen somehow outside of the guitar and drums, but in fact, with its restless line, it helps maintain the tension even in the verses. The last syllables are already sung symbolically without the band.”

“The text was created simultaneously with the music and you can tell. I think that any authors are helped by a clear idea and awareness of what and to whom they are writing. “Hallelujah” is just such a case.” closes the performance of the song Šperl.

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