Organizer of demonstration against Fial: Apologize to Russia, covid l chlorine

Organizer of demonstration against Fial: Apologize to Russia, covid l chlorine
Organizer of demonstration against Fial: Apologize to Russia, covid l chlorine

Two years ago, Vrabel admired the female nurses on his Facebook profile and thanked them for their fight against covid. However, his words in pspvcch have changed over the course of a few months. A year later, he told PSPs, for example, about the threat of genocide of the unchained. Last year, he tried to get into parliament for the Chcpl pes movement. That bag ended in failure.

Together with his colleague Jim Havel, who is the second main organizer, he started anti-government demonstrations. Havel also participated in the Chcpl pes movement. For example, last year, as the editors of pointed out, the site was flooded with water. It resonated especially among fans of chlorine dioxide.

On the website, for example, there were tips on how to make a dangerous cocktail of sodium chlorite and citric acid. The first solution of chlorine dioxide, which is usually used as a bleach and water disinfectant, was recommended against covid.

Vrabel released a two-hour video after the demonstration on Monday. In it, for example, he said that he doesn’t want someone to call him a Russian collaborator. The only thing I said was that I would go to the Kremlin and apologize to President Putin and the whole of Russia for the fact that we approve of the assassination of one of the leaders. I’d like to apologize in advance, because that’s a terrible thing, he said in the video, which has so far been viewed 13 thousand times, and that’s why he’s commenting.

Go to Russia and apologize

In it, he said that he would like to apologize for defaming a Russian. What about them. How we are persecuting the Russians in the Czech Republic, how slowly I can’t go to lkai. I can’t walk slowly to the bathroom and throw them out and talk about them like they’re all. Russians are simply not vbi. there are some bugs everywhere. Russians are people. Every time there was talk of a nationality like this, it was bloody, he commented on social media saying that these were slogans from the 2nd world of wolves.

Of course I would apologize for that. I would also apologize for sending weapons into the conflict instead of negotiating for peace. I would apologize for that too. If someone thinks it’s bad, I stand by it. It’s fine for me. The wolf is suffering, he added.

According to his words, Vrabel knows only one thing in the future. Go to Russia and apologize. hon, time, there was some mistake by our politicians who receive instructions from Washington and Brussels, and we don’t see it that way. We as a half of the nation want to have peace, we want to do business and buy gas for a normal salary, he continued, saying that this is the only thing when the media and the prime minister can respect that he is pro-Kremlin: That’s it, for a Russian agent.

Vrabel then noted that, for example, he presented exposal Volno, who was accused of disinformation, on stage as a hero who fought in the time of covid. I invited him because people told me that Lubo saved them from the bars, he said to the entrance of the delegation to the demonstration. Havel also joined Vrabel in the hundred penos. I was never a pro-Russian vb, revealed Havel, who also shared links about the toxicity of shackles against covid.

Organize the Saturday event.

We will probably have to take Mr. Fiala vn

The demonstration was organized by Russian pt columns. The evidence is enough. One wonders who stood on the stage and what he said, the prime minister said on Twitter on Monday.

Event organizer Ladislav Vrabel also responded to his words that day. According to his words, he is inviting if it is not for the aloba. We’ll probably have to take Mr. Fiala out and we’ll have to arm ourselves, he said on social media.

On Monday, Fiala also criticized the women who requested the purchase of gas from Russia. According to them, one of the most expensive energies is withdrawn from NATO and the EU. He wants to make us vassals of Moscow again.

The purchase of gas from Russia has the organization Czech Republic on the 1st place as a point in the list, which it published on its website. The Czech Republic needs to secure pm contracts with gas suppliers at low prices, i.e. with the Russian Federation, stand on their side.

Who supports esko in the 1st place:

David Formnek – Runs a conspiracy website Open your mind. It contains conspiratorial content regarding covid-19 measures.

Miroslav evk – Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Economics, who also acts as a Tricolor expert. Premira stayed for several years.

Joseph Glass – Presidential candidate for KSM.

Ji Kobza – He is running for the SPD in the 2022 Sentu PR elections.

Jaroslav Foldyna – MP for the SPD.


The editors of also contacted the Prague police to see if any of the organizers were investigating. I cannot answer whether or not we are investigating a specific person, because the law does not allow it, police officer Jan Dank told In general, he added that he had no information that the police had fired anyone in connection with the crimes.

Vrabel responded to’s discovery on Facebook. This drew attention to the fact that he collected a pension for the family, which is written on his mistress. Mr. Vrabel claims that he is still in business, but according to the insolvency office, he does not receive any income. According to, he owes them millions of crowns, and if he were to receive an official payment, the debt would be paid in installments.

Today we will go to the middle of death. First I’m going to set up a transparent net and we’ll transfer the finances there tonight and soon we’ll publish the entry from last time. That will put an end to all doubts. This media chase is a clear sign that we are going in the right direction. We will announce the entries on the weekend, he said on Telegram on Tuesday morning.

He asked for an ID card

Vrabel said in the video that he is not an agent or paid opposition. I wouldn’t have to pay off the debts, he said, adding that insolvency is the only thing the newspapers can pull off: They can pull out on me that I asked for an ID in the first place when I refused the breath test.

Vrabel was associated with several pizzerias in Budjovice. But I have 20 years of social security debt. As the website pointed out, VZP has not paid you health insurance since 2000. It has not even paid the fines for riding the public transport in Esko Budjovice, which dates back to 1999. It has not paid back from Komern banka, it has not paid fees for garbage cans or electronics. Fill it out in the insolvency register.

The editors of approached Vrabel with questions. So far the bag has not responded to n.

The article is in Czech

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