A semi-trailer full of auto parts became detached from the truck and ended up in the woods

Petr Krňávek


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An unusual accident happened on Monday, September 5 near Štít. A fully loaded semi-trailer disconnected from the tractor. He ended up in the forest, the accident complicated traffic all day.

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Accident on Monday, September 5 near Štítý.

| Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

A 56-year-old foreigner was driving along the first-class road from Štít to Lanškroun around 4:30 in the morning. In front of Horní Heřmanice, the semi-trailer disconnected from the tractor during the drive due to poor technical condition. The semi-trailer then went off the road in a curve and ended up in the forest.

The driver did not inhale alcohol, no one was injured in the accident. The damage to the trailer was preliminarily estimated at one hundred thousand crowns and ten thousand on the road.

The accident complicated traffic on this road until late in the afternoon. The trailer was fully loaded with car parts. “The load first had to be transferred to a replacement truck and then the crashed semi-trailer had to be extricated. Traffic at the accident site was not fully restored until around 5 p.m.,” described police spokeswoman Marie Šafářová.

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