Actors from Turkish romantic series also stunned the Czechia. Which of them is currently single?

Actors from Turkish romantic series also stunned the Czechia. Which of them is currently single?
Actors from Turkish romantic series also stunned the Czechia. Which of them is currently single?

Romantic series from Turkey have been experiencing fame in recent years and are reaching different countries of the world. Fans admire the stories of the main characters who find their way to each other through various escapades and unconventional situations. But they especially liked the actors who appear in the series.

The fame of actors from Turkish romantic series is growing, and because of this, there are opportunities for them in other countries to build their careers.

Can Yaman

Actor Can Yaman is one of the popular handsome men. Female fans can admire him in the series The flavor of love and Dreamy lovewhich you can find at Wow. In them, you can often see his character, which the actor is hard on, which he shares with his fans on his Instagram profile. But it’s not just a pretty face.

The actor graduated from law school and speaks several languages. In addition to Turkish, he understands Italian, German, English and Spanish. Thanks to Italian, he managed to establish himself in Italy, where he plays in the series Viola come il mare. As part of the promotion of the series, the actor appeared at the Venice Film Festival. And according to the latest information, it is not entered.

Özge Gürel

In The Flavor of Love, Can Yaman starred with Özge Gürel, an actress of Turkish-Circassian origin. Her career began with a role in the series Kızım Nerede? She also gained fame in Flavor of Love, where she played the role of poor student Nazli, who got a job in the house of businessman Ferit (Can Yaman).

​Gürel is experiencing a beautiful season this year. In the summer, she married a longtime friend named Serkan Çayoğlu. According to the photos and videos posted on Instagram, they both enjoyed the wedding very much.

Demet Özdemir

While Can Yaman is still looking for the right one, his other co-star Demet Özdemir got married this year. Towards the end of August, she married the musician Oğuzhan Koça. Özdemir played the lead role in the series Dreamy Love, appearing alongside Yamano. The actress played the role of Sanem, a twenty-five-year-old girl who experiences a lot of trouble in her new job and falls in love with her boss.

Apart from acting, Özdemir is involved in theatre, modeling and dancing. For example, she became the face of a well-known hair cosmetic brand.

The flavor of love and Dreamy love don’t miss out on Wowwhere you can also find other Turkish romantic series.

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