Ukraine vs. Russia: Current situation in Ukraine ONLINE

Ukraine vs. Russia: Current situation in Ukraine ONLINE
Ukraine vs. Russia: Current situation in Ukraine ONLINE

Organizers of the Gift for Putin campaign, which raises money for weapons for Russia-attacked Ukraine, have begun collecting for a modernized T-72 Avenger tank. It will bear the name Tomáš after the first Czechoslovak president Masaryk. They announced it to ČTK today. According to the website of the collection, the goal is to collect 30 million crowns.

“The tank was named Tomáš, naturally referring to the first president of Czechoslovakia. The collection of money for its purchase will be accompanied by the slogan: That’s a gift from the Czech Republic!” presented by Martin Ondráček for the Gift for Putin project. The project organizers consulted with the Ukrainian army on the purchase of the tank, its delivery and transport will be ensured by the Czech Ministry of Defense. It is a modernized Soviet T-72 tank that protects the crew better than the regular version and is designed to destroy tanks and armored vehicles, manpower and low-flying enemy targets.

Ukraine needs heavy weapons in order to liberate its territories occupied by the Russian army, the charge d’affaires of the Ukrainian embassy Vitaly Usaty pointed out. “We must together face the aggressive policy of (Russian President) Vladimir Putin. I believe that our tanks will liberate all territories from Donbas to Crimea,” added Deputy Minister of Defense Tomáš Kopečný.

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