Nord Stream 1 remains out of service. Commissioning depends on Siemens, Gazprom claims

Both Markelov and Zakharova are at the economic forum in Vladivostok.

Expensive energy? The price of gas in Europe has risen by 170 percent this year, according to an analyst

“Ask Siemens. He has to make the repair first,” Markelov answered when asked when the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will start transporting gas again. The operator of the gas pipeline is the Nord Stream AG consortium based in Switzerland, the majority of which is held by Gazprom. Siemens Energy is a supplier of compressor turbines, for which it also provides service.

But Siemens Energy claims that Gazprom did not ask it for any maintenance of the turbine, but that it is ready to start the maintenance work. According to Gazprom’s statement from last week, oil is leaking from the turbine.

Siemens Energy, which is based in Munich in the German state of Bavaria, commented on Gazprom’s approach that it did not understand it. According to Siemens, the oil leak in the last functioning turbine at the Portovaja compressor station, as Gazprom talks about, is not a reason to completely shut down the gas pipeline.

Nord Stream 1 will remain out of service for the time being. The maintenance revealed the defects, Gazprom said

“We do not understand the new rationale based on the information presented to us over the weekend,” Semens Energy said. “We see it as the findings that we were informed about, from a technical point of view, do not represent a reason to stop the operation of the gas pipeline. Under normal circumstances, such leaks do not affect the operation of the turbine, they can be sealed on site,” added the German company.

The Kremlin blames Europe’s energy crisis on sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations for its aggression against Ukraine. European leaders say Moscow is using energy as a weapon. The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, was once considered a symbol of cooperation between the world’s biggest powers. But now he has become the subject of mutual accusations between Berlin and Moscow.

Unreliable supplier

Germany, which is the largest consumer of Russian energy in Europe, no longer considers Russia a reliable supplier. Russian President Vladimir Putin is using his influence as the head of one of the world’s biggest energy suppliers to foment discord in Europe through the conflict in Ukraine, according to European politicians. The Kremlin, on the other hand, says that the West caused the energy crisis by imposing the toughest sanctions on Russia in modern history.

According to Putin, this is comparable to declaring an economic war. Gazprom also justified the impossibility of repairing the compressor turbine with the help of Siemens Energy with the sanctions.

Oil production in Russia. illustrative photo

The G7 agreed on a cap on Russian gas prices. Moscow: Absolute absurdity

The Kremlin has also warned that Russia will retaliate against the proposal of the G7 group of developed countries, which envisages introducing a price ceiling on Russian oil. However, the proposal will probably not have any negative impact on Russia, unless India and China also introduce the same. The two countries began buying oil from Russia much more than in the past after the February invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops and the imposition of Western sanctions, as they negotiated a discount.

Russian Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov said today in Vladivostok that Moscow will respond to the introduction of a price ceiling on Russian oil by increasing exports to Asia. According to the minister, Russia and its partners are considering establishing an insurance company that would cover risks from energy deals.

A suicidal move?

Zakharova said the United States drove European leaders to a suicidal step by forcing them to cut economic and energy ties with Moscow. “Listen – you are asking me questions that even children know the answer to: those who started it will have to stop it,” said the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry when asked what would have to happen for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to start again transport gas to the EU.

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