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The price of electricity is min. grew strongly during the week, traders reacted to the growth by sharply increasing prices in the newly published prices. But some people pushed it and corrected the price towards the end of the week. From September 1, the price of energy for bankrupt suppliers will be uniform according to prices on the spot market. Gas prices cannot last this high. Mon, e is as for the spot market.

Price record on the electronics market

On the full moon and at the same time as the energy crisis escalated, many companies changed the prices of both electricity and gas. Unfortunately, it is only for the sake of the world that it causes damage. It is therefore difficult for customers to find a new supplier when the original one does not suit them for some reason. With the deepening crisis, we are worried that after the end the supplier will start growing again and the closure of the business will not just be a sale and take over the order to another company, but it will be a closure of the business as was the case with Bohemia Energy. Damaged persons will be transferred directly to the supplier of last resort, new for a period of t months. I’m not sure that if the state doesn’t do something, they will even find a new supplier in such a short time.

In the past week, I was unpleasantly surprised by the new price of the company EZ Esco uren for setting up warranty orders 12-36, with a fixed price for a year and for those years. At the beginning of the week, the supplier of the EZ group updated these prices with a price exceeding twenty thousand per megawatt hour. By the end of the week, the price was clearly agreed upon, but I still can’t imagine an entrepreneur who has contracted orders for a certain price and has to keep the price and cope with the fact that the energy supplier, in which the owner of the state is the owner, does business like this . An entrepreneur cannot leave, choose another supplier, because he cannot find one in the current situation. In vain I look here for the lie of the truth, as a vtin’s action.

The fact that the supplier does not want to take new orders from other merchants is also evidenced by the announcement of the EZ company, which last week stated that, due to the difficult situation on the market, it is still suspending the receipt of new orders, with the exception of a situation where it is a new collection point or a transfer . This announcement was modified towards the end of the week to information about the market analysis without the sentence related to losses. Prices for new orders are still available on the store’s website.

E.ON slightly changed from bottom to bottom with a similar sweep. At the end of the week, he ended the offer of prices for new orders and stated that he did not have an offer for new orders.

Otherwise, the price record holder in the past week was the shop Easy Power with the price of electricity 15,838 K/MWh without VAT.

There are also suppliers who do not want their customers to find themselves in trouble. I can name Nano Energies, which raises the price of electricity to 4,270 K/MWh just for its orders.

The company Nano Energies has also started offering electricity and gas to new customers with prices from the spot market, the fee of 350 K/MWh and 89 K/month are average. code that spot prices are currently too high to be attractive to buyers.

The trader Fonergy has issued new gas prices valid from 1 October 2022 for its orders, but the price of 2,275 K/MWh is really low compared to the fact that some traders have a price of almost six thousand in their prices. The average price of gas these days reaches 4,000 K/MWh.

Pay attention to the retailers, they also cut their prices and their prices for electricity are now high, around 10,000 K/MWh, and for gas, even around 6,000 K/MWh. I see the problem in the fact that you are currently issuing a price list with a low price, but the order will not receive it, because they are only valid for a month, and then the prices will become expensive. Before signing the contract, the customer should inform the supplier how the price will be developed for the duration of the contract, because if the client signs a contract where the current price shows a short validity period and the information that follows the price, the price hike should not be a reason for withdrawal from the contract.

Uniform price at the supplier of last resort

Energy regulator ad has long appealed to dominant suppliers to issue prices for orders in the supplier of last resort (DPI) regime with a nominal price. Unfortunately, the price regulation did not work very well, so he went with the fact that the price for orders in the DPI regime will depend on the prices on the spot market, with the fact that there will be a fixed amount of the fee and a fixed amount of the salary. According to the price decisions ER 8/2022 and 9/2022, from September 1, the supplier will ask 310 K/MWh for electricity prices from the spot market, and the standard salary will be 204 K/month. In the case of gas, it costs 297 K/MWh with a flat salary of 198 K/month. I will be operating the daily electronics market of the Market Operator and the intraday gas market directly on the market of the Market Operator.

In the TZB-info energy price calculator, the price of electricity and gas for orders in DPI is indicated separately, separate from the supplier’s prices. There is a dark price average. These prices are indicative, because the exact costs depend on the start of the DPI regime and its duration.

Prices on the stock market fell sharply

Prices on the stock exchange fell sharply after a number of European politicians announced their determination to take measures to reduce the high prices of electricity and gas. It is a wonder that in a situation where the price of gas starts to fall, Russia will come up with some measure to stop the drop in price. The last time it was shut down was the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. The stock markets reacted to this by stopping the decline in gas and electricity prices, but so far it does not seem that they would take a sharp upward trend.

I think that the AS is playing against Russia, because there were quite a lot of good things for the price development last week. st of the leased terminal will be available for Russia on 8/9, the repaired terminal in the USA should be put into operation in June, so two terminals in Germany with a capacity of 30 billion m should already be operating by the end of the year3 per year. Equally, reserves in gas reservoirs in European countries will be used up faster than expected.

For me, a good start is first from France, that by the end of the year the nuclear power plant will be repaired, and from Germany, that it will only keep its nuclear power plant in operation. The latest news from Germany, that it will only shut down its nuclear power plant, leave two of them in reserve .

I don’t want to offend anyone, but it is possible that the spot market would not be such a bad thing at that time, because a drop in prices (without government measures) for households and entrepreneurs cannot be expected in the near future. On the contrary, it seems to me that when prices on the stock exchange (on the spot) reach their peak, many traders take these maximum prices as the basis of their price quotations, regardless of whether the price on the stock exchange will fall later.

Electina Gas
MSc Price K/MWh According to consumption % MSc Price K/MWh According to consumption %
only 21 3,694 8.50 only 21 2,278 6.64
November 21 4,736 8.86 November 21 2 143 13.02
December 21 6,048 9.78 December 21 2,979 17.94
January 22 4,625 9.80 January 22 1990 18.84
Norway 22 3,857 8.85 Norway 22 1998 16.76
May 22 6,534 8.86 May 22 3,448 14.25
April 22 4,364 7.93 April 22 2,505 6.95
May 22 4,244 7.81 May 22 2,329 1.86
red 22 5,872 7.43 red 22 2,904 0.79
crimson 22 7,912 7.12 crimson 22 4,929 0.56
August 22 12,015 7.49 August 22 7,052 0.59
From the 22nd 14,725 7.57 From the 22nd 5,765 1.79
Average for 12 months 5,319 100 Average for 12 months 2,579 100

Tab. 1: Average monthly price of electricity and gas on the spot market for the last 12 months with the indicated consumption
(Data source: Market operator)

Giant. 1: V
Giant. 1: Evolution of electricity prices on the spot market of the Market Operator in the daily market (Data source: Market Operator)
Giant. 2: V
Giant. 2: Development of gas prices on the market operator’s spot market in the intraday market (Data source: Market operator)

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