DOGS: Just from the everyday life of Feri and Charlie

Lika is to blame for the fact that I will introduce you to some completely mundane and uninteresting news from the life of the shelter lapdog Charlie and the wolf tip Feris Winter Dream. They say it doesn’t matter that I don’t have any interesting news, that even a few ordinary everyday messages will please.

So perhaps he is right, and ordinary daily routines and habits will delight with their mundanity and ordinariness. Ordinariness and mundanity not only have the disadvantages of making me look like a lady who doesn’t do anything with the dogs, doesn’t develop them and doesn’t stimulate them :), but it also has the advantages that life is stuck in the usual ruts and there are no upheavals.

Lapinkoira Charlie and Feris Winter Dream, German Wolf Spitz

So everything works great for us. Charlie, although still a bit afraid of tight spaces, hasn’t growled in weeks, maybe months, and on the contrary, he’s able to do a 360° spin in a narrowly ajar door, break at the waist, and ungallantly roll over an old lady who’s chasing me at his heels to the bedroom. Charlie, who before would not have gone into such a narrow space with a bitch or would have growled at her if she had surprised him from behind, simply swept her away and laughed merrily at that, not caring that she was just looking in surprise at where he stepped on her.

The meal goes without a hitch and they both politely wait for the bowl to hit the floor. Charlie doesn’t sit, he doesn’t stand, he doesn’t sit, so he often fidgets while sitting and sometimes he can’t stand waiting for long, but feeding is much more comfortable, especially for me, because he doesn’t try to knock both bowls out of my hand.


He hasn’t pooped at home in a few weeks, which I attribute to the fact that in this heat they keep the room open all night to cool the space for better sleep, so he can go whenever he wants to relieve himself.

Even without the door open, it could probably be guessed, because when he needs to pee, he makes wheezing sounds that reliably wake me up. Unfortunately, he hasn’t figured out that he should also huff and wheeze when he’s sleeping, because if he’s just standing quietly by the door, it won’t really wake me up yet.


And I remembered that we have one big change. Charlie Barks! He, a dog that didn’t make any noises and later after a few weeks only a light puff, screams like a hysterical woman when he comes home, in a high-pitched voice that is not appropriate for a young dog. He screams not only when greeted, but also if there is any movement on the street. He is simply a screaming siren, and the bitch, a watchdog barking spitz, is a silent companion against him

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