Eva Perkausov: I would like children

Eva Perkausov: I would like children
Eva Perkausov: I would like children

How much are you able to invest in a single outfit when you go shopping alone?
What’s up shopping, I’m not a woman. For me, even what costs a lot of money has value many times over, but he gave it away, not what costs a lot of money and the hunter uses it once or twice. Sometimes I don’t get as much joy from such clothes as when I buy an ordinary dress for a couple of crowns in a general store and carry it with great joy and love. Like when. Badly, what I’m looking for and what I’m going for.

Tell us what your mdn icons are like?
For me, she was always Beckham. But she’s always been a completely different type, I’m not. Also, Victoria Beckham is my male idol, because she goes with her, she always lies and goes. But physically she is a completely different type, I’m not him, so the models she wears are for him.

How can you be the most beautiful Czech moderator in a crazy state?
(smch) Thank you, under the same time. I accept this situation and hope that it will be as it has been for the remaining months. Even my colleagues from the prison wouldn’t even recognize that I was pregnant if I didn’t have the breast. I hope that everything will be as it should be, because then I will really remember it.

Thotn Eva Perkausov on vacation in Seychelles (2022)

Maybe it will be the same as a boy, as you have been a fan on social media.
It’s Mon. Ever since I revealed that I am pregnant and having a boy, I have had a lot of reactions about sweating a lot. This time, my ride itself was positive and had encouraging reactions. I am very grateful for that.

How do you look at arguing with your husband about the name at home?
There are no guesses. We have tips that I will not reveal. But we agreed on almost all the names. And that’s both on the bare river and in the river. There were no guesses at all, because we both had the idea that we wanted something neutral, not full of typically Czech, but again so that it was not a fancy foreign name. Since the name is Hecko, it can be combined with both Czech and foreign names.

Will the baby bring any changes to your life?
What? It will be a matter of time if you can go with the baby. In the course of the following years, I do not fulfill it. But the change in life will definitely be big!

How many children can you imagine before your first birth? Because then it will probably be a different song
I always had the idea that I wanted children. It’s true that they say to me: Wait after the birth, it will change, that vision. Meanwhile, under the idyllic image of mm. Even when I go, I am not on a single dtti. I would be happy if my dream about these children could come true one day, but how come, please let me know about it, and I’ll try after the birth. Then I will change your view. (smile)

I would bet you on a benevolent mother. Or will they make strict rules at home?
It is my honor to be a mother. He must have some kind of vision, and as a result, I will communicate with my child completely differently, I can’t imagine. I would like to be more benevolent, but of course I should also set some rules for the children so that they are not spoiled. Take veho with the dream.

We met at the world finals of the Elite Model Look modeling competition. Will the offspring be allowed to enter the world of modeling and show business at all?
You can’t do that, because I don’t know what direction he will be built, what he will look like, if he will have the proportions for modeling or for sports. But since it will be a boy, I would rather encourage him to play sports.

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