“No one attracts guests to cold pools.” Their operators are figuring out how to overcome the winter

The energy crisis ahead of the coming winter also worries pool operators. However, the measures they intend to take differ. While the Swimming Pool in Prague’s Podolí is trying to save money and plans to increase ticket prices, the Brno swimming pools are adopting a different strategy and will cover costs from savings or support from the city. Pools are afraid to lower the water temperature because, according to the operators, people would stop going completely, but even that can allegedly happen.

The director of the swimming pool in Podolí, Jan Bezděk, told the Echo24 newspaper that he is trying to save significantly. “We try to save significantly in the entire area wherever possible, but at the same time we take into account the visitors. We save energy so that it affects the visitors as little as possible,” said Bezděk. “No one can yet predict what will happen next year. But we already know that by the beginning of next year at the latest, we will have to raise all prices, whether it is the price for renting the swimming lanes or the entrance fee, even though we were forced to raise prices this year as well,” he added to Echo24 No thanks.

“In the event that a state of emergency is declared in the gas industry, we will have to completely limit the operation of the site, for example by lowering the water temperature, lowering the air temperature, closing the outdoor parts of the site and so on…” Bezděk added to Echo24.

On the contrary, the press spokesperson of the company Starez, which operates, among other things, the Aquapark Kohoutovice in Brno, Michaela Dittrichová told Echo24 that it is still able to cover the operation. “We are able to cover energy and heat prices mainly thanks to the Statutory City of Brno, which subsidizes the operation of Aquapark Kohoutovice and other city sports facilities. Together, we strive to ensure that all our sports venues offer the highest possible quality at an affordable price to the widest possible number of residents of the city of Brno,” said Dittrichová.

Aquapark Kohoutovice is not going to lower the water temperature. “We do not consider it a suitable cost-cutting tool, because fewer customers would then go swimming. Not to mention, for example, school swimming, when for small non-swimmers who are just learning to swim, a significant decrease in water temperature could also be a health risk,” Dittrichová explained to Echo24. “We are also not planning to limit services, for now we are able to handle the situation. For now, we are keeping the current prices and are not planning to raise prices. We will, of course, see how the price of electricity and heat, which are crucial for the operation of swimming pools, will develop,” the spokeswoman added.

The director of Aqualand Moravia told ČTK that they recorded 250,000 visitors in July and August, which is similar to last year and more than in the years before the covid pandemic. The hotel, which is part of the complex, had almost 100% occupancy over the summer. Visitor numbers this year were helped by the return of guests from Austria and Slovakia, who could come without restrictions after the previous two years.

However, summer alone is not enough for an economically successful year. The management of the water park therefore decides how to attract guests even outside the main season. Especially at a time when a large part of people have started saving due to high inflation and concerns about how rising energy prices will affect them. Compared to the previous year, two wellness facilities will be combined, and it will be possible to go to them with one ticket. Compared to last year, a three-hour ticket will cost a visitor 250 crowns cheaper, costing 699 crowns. Tickets can be bought even cheaper in advance at the e-shop.

The management of the water park is also trying to save on energy, their consumption is high from autumn to spring due to the need for water heating and heating. Already in June, Pavlacký stated that energy costs had increased fourfold compared to the previous year. Therefore, the water park already completed a project on recycling pool water in the summer and last year started heating the tubes of the toboggan with residual heat. It also deals with the installation of photovoltaic panels, which would supply cheaper electricity than from the grid. Due to high energy costs, investment activities and the extent of winter operation are also being reassessed.

Union of the tourism industry: Nobody tempts guests to cold pools

The Jihlava Aquapark Vodní ráj will still make a loss this year, said Martin Málek, spokesman for Jihlava City Services. The water park ended its summer season last week. The city company has agreed energy prices until the end of this year. For the operation of this largest water park in the region, the city company expects a loss in the millions of crowns this year, even though the entrance fee has risen by a fifth compared to last year. Costs also increased, for example expenses for repairs to the outdoor area before the summer season.

According to the spokesman, the operation of the water park in the new year will depend on how much the price of energy supplies increases. For this year, the company expects a total of around eight million crowns, including payment for heat and payments for water and sewage expenses. According to Málek, if energy prices were to rise fivefold starting next year, the company would not be able to cover them. In the water park, he is considering possible ways of saving, such as lowering the water temperature in the pools.

“Which we wouldn’t like to do, because the moment the water feels cold for the visitors, they won’t go there anyway,” said Málek. According to him, another option is to shorten the operating hours at times when there are fewer people. The last option is to close the premises at least during the heating season. “These are some variants that we are thinking about, but at the moment it’s really all theoretical, because we don’t know what the competitive prices (of energy) will be in the end,” Málek said.

The Czech Tourism Union (ČUCR) stated that it observes very little help from the Czech government to services and tourism, which were already significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic and related measures. “Now, however, he is telling businessmen: attract your domestic and foreign clients with nearly six or more times more expensive energy to water parks, swimming pools and saunas at a temperature of 19 degrees, make snow on the ski slopes ‘economically’, come to hotels with a sweater and do we only offer cold cuisine for dinner? ” said union representatives. They added that this increases the insecurity of entrepreneurs and the eventual demise of their business would be expensive for the state as well.

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