Solidarity: Protest happening in front of the Prague 5 City Council building

photo: Solidarity/Candidates of the Solidarity coalition (Anna Šabatová, Miroslav Dvořák, Matěj Michalk Žaloudek, Lukáš Ulrych, Anna Junková, Filip Hausknecht, Milan Balahura, Kryštof Stupka, Magdalena Opletalová)

POLITICIANS IN THEIR OWN WORDS Declaration of the Solidarity coalition (ČSSD and Greens with the support of the Idealists) to the ODS and ANO

The coalition of Brno Greens, Žít Brno and Idealists supported the Prague coalition Solidarita in the elections for the Brno municipality today.

On that occasion, the Brno coalition together with Solidarity organized a protest happening in front of the building of the Municipal District of Prague 5. They wanted to point out the unacceptability of the policy of the municipal district led by mayor Renáta Zajíčková (ODS).

Recently, for example, the termination of the lease to the non-profit organization Progressive, which has been running a contact center for drug users in Mahenová street for the eighteenth year, and also the case of the Kroupov Kindergarten, where, according to the media, cooks served children food from garbage bags for ten years so that they did not have to wash the dishes.

Representatives of the Brno coalition Zelení a Zít Brno with the support of the Idealists also expressed their support for the Solidarity coalition and Anna Šabatová’s candidacy for mayor of Prague. Both coalitions see ODS and ANO and the parties associated with them as the main rivals in the elections.

“The problem is that people with a similar mentality as in Prague 5 now want to manage the whole of Prague. And as a coalition partner, mathematically, there is no one other than ANO, which is very close to the program. We want to show that there is a political alternative. We are based on the experience and background of parties that successfully manage large European cities and manage them well,” says Matěj Žaloudek, Solidarity’s candidate for the Prague City Council.

The Solidarity coalition also criticizes the other candidate entities, from whose statements it might seem that the biggest problem of Prague, to which everything should give way, is only and only large infrastructural constructions.

“Prague has a wide spectrum of needs. In the short term, it will have to help its residents with energy and the effects of inflation on the price of other essentials. This represents, among other things, investments in social services. And in the broader perspective, it is necessary for someone to finally start solving the housing crisis and the effects of climate change on the inhabitants of Prague,” comments Anna Šabatová, the leader of the Solidarita coalition.

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POLITICIANS IN THEIR OWN WORDS Declaration of the Solidarity coalition (ČSSD and Zelení with the support of the Idealists) for the happening For the return of heat to homes…

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