Winemaking in Brod will become more expensive this year. We know the prices

There is a great interest in viticulture in Přibyslav. Customers gather even two hours before opening. “I will go to winemaking this year as well. It’s still worth it,” commented Jiří Přibyl, for example, who travels to Přibyslav from Havlíčkov Brod. Customers also come here from Chotěboř, where there is no cider house. Some apple growers are breaking records. They also take away three hundred liters from the cider house.

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Garden owners can have their fruit pickled in September at other places in Havlíčkobrodsk. “We invite you to winemaking. We start on Saturday the seventeenth of September,” said the gardening association in Ledč nad Sázavou. They only accept fruit on Saturdays and they have also raised the price. A customer pays eight crowns for a liter of cider, a member of the Ledeč gardeners’ association four crowns.

Fruit will also be processed in Połęd. “When we will start and how much we will charge, that will be decided only by the meeting of our committee,” said Jitka Neuwirthová, secretary of the gardening association.

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They are going to make cider in the Pacov cider house in the Pelhřimov region. Specifically, in the second half of September, depending on the harvest. The cider house does not press summer apples. The customer pays eight crowns for a liter of cider. He can have his cider expertly pasteurized, but for an additional fee.

Customers of the cider house of the Czech Horticultural Association Pelhřimov will pay an additional two crowns. “We had to raise the price. Energy prices are rising quickly,” sighed Jaroslava Kožichová for the cider house operator. In Pelhřimov, they make cider every Monday from two to six in the afternoon. They start on the twelfth of September.

Gardeners in Želiva in Pelhřimovsk have not yet decided whether they will open a cider house. “We charge five crowns for a kilo of apples. We’ll see what the interest will be,” said Zdeněk Průša on behalf of the Želiv gardeners.

Stanislav Broža at the Pikárec distillery and cider house in Žďársk kept the prices this year the same as last year. “We didn’t increase the price. Up to sixty liters, the customer pays six crowns per liter of cider, over sixty liters it is five crowns per liter,” explained Broža. This cider house also offers pasteurization so that the customer does not have to prepare the cider at home.

Jaroslav Ptáček from Švermova Elementary School in Žďár.

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Musting will start this weekend on Friday in Radostín nad Oslavou in Žďársk, the customer will find out the prices on the spot. The cider house works on Fridays from 4:30 to 6 a.m. to order, and makes cider on Saturday mornings as well. “We also perform pasteurization for an additional fee,” explained Petr Štegner.

The cider house in Moravč in Pelhřimovsk is already in operation. “We make wine, but mainly for the locals. They pay five crowns per liter, so we charge foreigners eight crowns,” explained Zdeněk Větrovský.

Winemaking will also begin in Slavkovice. “We are making wine on Saturday, September 10, from eight to eleven. Then every other Saturday. We increased the price by a crown. We pay six crowns for a liter of cider,” explained Jan Hudeček for a gardener from Slavkovice.

Where can you get cider and for how much

Přibyslav – seven crowns per liter of cider

Ledeč nad Sázavou – eight crowns per liter of cider

Pacov – eight crowns per liter of cider, pasteurization for an additional fee

Picárec – up to sixty liters six crowns per liter, over sixty liters five crowns for pasteurization for an extra charge

Gardeners Pelhřimov – seven crowns per kilo of apples

Želiv cider house – five crowns per kilo of apples

Moraveč near Pelhřimov – five crowns per liter of cider (price for locals only)

Slavkovice – six crowns per liter of cider

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