Ministers of health of several countries and top professors of medicine will speak today at the International Panel Economics of Prevention immediately before the start of the EU Council of Ministers in Prague

The European plan to fight cancer, promotion of vaccination or preventive measures at the population level – these are some of the topics that will be discussed at II. edition of the international panel conference of the Health Journal, Economy of Prevention, which is taking place today in Prague. The conference will feature leading experts and representatives from the Czech Republic and abroad, and the program will conclude with an hour and a half moderated discussion by six health ministers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Estonia and Latvia. The conference will take place immediately before the start of the informal Council of EU Health Ministers in Prague and was sponsored by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala.

Other important speakers include professors of medicine Reuven Zimlichman (director of the Institute for Cardiovascular Disease Research of Tel Aviv University), Andrzej Fal (president of the Polish Society for Public Health), Aleš Linhart (chairman of the Czech Cardiology Society) and others. The public health protection authorities will be represented by the directors of the Austrian Gesundheit Österreich Herwig Ostermann, the Slovak chief hygienist Ján Mikas and the leading researcher of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health Karl Erik Lund. The Danish experience will be explained by the director of Healthcare Denmark, Jacob Nielsen.

Two Slovak ex-ministers of health, Richard Raši and Marek Krajčí, who now sit in the health committee of the Slovak parliament, will also speak at the conference. The national anti-drug coordinators from the Czech Republic and Poland, Jindřich Vobořil and Piotr Jablonski, will talk about the most effective fight against addiction. They will also be joined by Joerg Pietsch from the German Federal Government Office for Drug Policy. The speakers will also hear the views of Roman Kraus, chairman of the health care committee of the Senate of the Czech Republic, and Zdenek Kabátek, head of the largest Czech health insurance company VZP.

The day-long conference will be divided into four blocks, which will focus on effective prevention policies and the long-term financial sustainability of health systems in the context of demographic changes, as well as the knowledge base for creating public health policies in the form of evidence-based medicine and working with data, the role of an interdisciplinary approach in creating public health policy and the role of member states in fulfilling European priorities.

The goal of the conference is to obtain an up-to-date overview of what are the most effective prevention policies in the health sector with the best effects on the health of the population and the financial sustainability of health systems in an international perspective. It is also intended to enable an open discussion about the current state and possibilities for future development between experts in individual fields and institutions responsible for prevention policies, population health and financial sustainability of health systems. The conference also wants to outline variant scenarios for the development of prevention policies in the healthcare sector and to get to know the positions of the decision-making institutions.

The event will conclude with an hour and a half moderated discussion of health ministers from several European countries and the head of the largest Czech health insurance company, which will be broadcast live in English and Czech via the stream of the public Czech Press Office and the Slovak press agency TASR, and in German via the stream of the Austrian press office APA . The panel discussion itself, like the entire conference, will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech, English and German.

The debate should focus on the questions of which factors in given member countries most influence people’s equal access to cancer prevention and treatment and whether their availability is related to, for example, the financial situation in the health sector, public awareness of the disease or the approach of health professionals. Participants will discuss whether they think it is possible to meet the goals of the European Plan to Fight Cancer and what measures they consider most urgent in terms of implementing the plan in the Member States. The topic will also be the approach to improving the level of vaccination and the perception of vaccination in the eyes of the lay public and health professionals. Last but not least, the panelists will discuss which preventive measures at the population level they consider to be the most cost-effective.

The conference represents a unique opportunity for a meeting of the main actors deciding on the form of prevention of health risks as well as their medical, organizational, educational, social and economic form. These are primarily top doctors, academics and scientists, hospital managers, but also economists, sociologists, addictologists, managers of health insurance companies, public health protection authorities, educational institutions, media, regulatory authorities, representatives of parliament, governments and local governments.

This is the second year of the conference. The first year took place under the auspices and with the participation of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the Ministers of Health of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in July 2021.

The program can be downloaded here.


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