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The expected has come true. Petr Pavel, who has been running for president for a long time, announced that… he is running for president. Why would he even fly the white flag, let alone throw a flint into the rye, when he is the number one favorite.

The liberal ear is somewhat troubled when it hears that Petr Pavel wants to return “peace and order” to the Czech Republic. The elders will still remember the slogan about calmness for honest work and will be easily frozen by the Kremlin. On the contrary, it seems somewhat ridiculous that the presidential waiter had “General Pavel” written on the desk. As if the word “general” was his first name.

When justice wrongs you

If anyone is thinking about rubber or green brain right now, these concerns need to be dispelled. Everything is cleverly, even ingeniously thought out. Petr Pavel and his professional staff know that in the second round they will most likely be opposed by a left-wing candidate. That is, someone who is more likely to be elected by older, more likely poorer and less educated people. Those who voted for Miloš Zeman.

A retired general doesn’t have to look to liberal voters. He has their votes in his pocket, especially when Andrej Babiš pulls it off beautifully. So they have to hunt in his constituency. Peace and order, general, these are slogans that can and will be heard by left-wing voters. After all, they long (and with full right) for certainties and for someone who can win them for them.

House of Commons: verbal football without rules

Only a few hours before, Petr Pavel attacked their feelings when he said that the Mašín brothers were not heroes because they killed innocents. This also speaks from the soul of the majority of the nation. In short, it plays well. He seems to have been able to transfer tactics and strategy from the battlefield to politics.

The election is still a long way off, but so far he has an edge over the others.

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