Inaccessible to today’s youth or rather yes?

Inaccessible to today’s youth or rather yes?
Inaccessible to today’s youth or rather yes?

We still have summer and warm weather here, when everyone walks kind of lightly and clothes reveal more than hides, they also wander more in our or foreign countries and people meet for barbecues and drinks, for example. And let’s face it, summer also increases the bubbling of hormonal levels in both sexes, and so we have summer loves or mutual nighttime, or better, twenty-four-hour flare-ups. Although sometimes enhanced with alcohol, all this is simply part of summer..

Jhere today married mature white heterosexual male very conservative in certain things. I’m not ashamed of it, I love my wife and together we remember our young years, when our hormonal levels were bubbling and we experienced summer, twenty-four-hour or nighttime love. The alcohol was there too. We remember it today with a smile, but when we read the newspapers about where the world is heading, we feel sorry for today’s young people. Together we ask why?

AND the field of dating or hormonal bubbling has been hit by the hammer of political correctness, a kind of higher principle, mainly the hammer of snooping on citizens, even in matters related to sex. Do you think I’m making this up? Well, I will disabuse you. Some “anointed” heads got together, the word “anointed” is in quotation marks on purpose, and the result of their profound efforts is an application that one can download to their mobile phone. And if they come across a counterpart with whom they would like to “exchange genetic information”, then with the help of this application they mutually agree that “yes”, only then will they “fly” together. Like all nonsense of this kind, this monstrosity first appeared in the US under the name Good2Go, which came not long after smartphones. It was mainly intended for university students there, who get drunk in an unorganized way at dorm parties.

INin order to consent to sex, the user also enters the degree of drunkenness here, which can invalidate the consent or prevent it from being granted. Anyone who has seen a few American films from a student environment can say that they would rather have an application with an online psychiatrist. Now I guess they don’t need this app there anymore because common male decency towards women is rated as harassment there and we all know the MeeeeTo movement right? There are more of those e’s on purpose, because it’s nothing but the swordsmanship of those who made a career in show business through bed and now want to splash out more money for reporting.

ANDLet’s go back to sex apps, because they have already hit our continent. Denmark has iConsent and, wow, our country is now famous for a similar thing called XPASS. Here I am quoting blogger Jan Tománek, who says this about the application: “Someone thought of it, someone supported it, someone paid for it, someone made it, and someone will hopefully start using it. It is nothing more than a ‘cool app’ where you and your lover mutually agree to have sex before sex… Yes, someone is serious about this. I was even more surprised that the project is not just a few crazy IT nerds, but a company with lawyers and sexologists, which is even from the Czech Republic! Before two (nowadays it’s easily three, it, the dog and whoever else…) should have sex, they would show each other (that is, before everything else) their QR codes and agree in the application what they want and don’t want to do together, after which that they agree… Now I’ll leave the utter depravity, which is just another step towards alienation and the loss of all romance and humanity, and try to think about the real meaning. I’m just wondering if it’s just pure stupidity that someone is serious about this, or an agenda supported by someone and another open Overton window to continue to control and fool society?’

Thow much Jan Tománek and I deliver. Better than the application used to be a good slap for us, which meant an unequivocal NO! On the contrary, the proper Frenchman symbolized YES and it was clear between the pair right away. Let’s stop fooling around and get back to the roots.

Have a nice rest of the summer everyone.

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