They defecated on them, urinated and screamed. Chrudim removed benches for the homeless

Residents’ posts are completely without napkins when they describe a homeless woman having sex with three men at once, or stool-stained benches. “I once witnessed one of them urinating directly on the bench. And then a mother and child sit there, disgusting. That’s why I don’t sit on any of the benches in Chrudim,” commented Aneta.

We have already written about the homeless in Chrudim:

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People are already angry about the aggressive and disgusting behavior of homeless people. At the same time, the city has a hostel, a day center and a social enterprise where homeless people can work. But the lifestyle they lead suits them and they don’t want to change anything about it. The reports of the city police report daily visits to noisy, begging or aggressive homeless people, the residents of Chrudimá themselves draw attention to their behavior and call the emergency number 156.

“Yes, we go to problems of this kind several times a day,” confirmed Senior Constable Lukáš Dvořák.

The benches must be repaired, but it is not certain whether they will return to Kateřina. They can be replaced by single-seaters that cannot lie on.Source: City of Chrudim

Seniors and disabled people need them

It is sad that the benches occupied by the homeless cannot be used by those who need to rest on Kateřina. “Don’t you all find it terrible that there will be nowhere to sit because of the homeless? Mom lives directly opposite Kateřina, she walks with two canes, and when she goes for a walk, she would like to rest for a while, but there is nowhere. Canceling the benches is not good solution,” noted Ivana in the discussion.

Mayor František Pilný speaks similarly. “We cannot cancel the benches in the whole city. On the contrary, I have requests from less mobile citizens for other places where they want to place the benches,” he told Denik.

The car, which belonged to a disabled senior citizen, burned to ashes.

They set the car on fire. The parties of the homeless are over, the station building will no longer host them

The benches should be returned to the mall after repair. But it’s not certain yet, the city management is considering another option, single-seater sofas on which you can’t sleep lying down are being considered. “There is no homeless person in Chrudim who does not want to be homeless,” remarked the mayor. According to him, the removal of the benches at Kateřina is a certain intention and an effort to exclude shouting and drunken parties from an otherwise peaceful place.

A shelter in the back section of the shopping center, where the homeless slept and a large fire broke out there, was auctioned off in foreclosure. “We took part in the auction, but in the end we were outbid by an interested party who wants to build a garage on the site. We wanted to demolish it completely, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Hopefully the new owner will be able to deal with possible attempts to break into the shed,” added Pilný.

Attacked couple in Chrudim

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A bold plan

The problem with homeless people is not only in the Kateřina shopping center, it has spread to supermarkets, but also to housing estates or locations near the railway station. “Let’s realize that they are people like others, their human rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. And the police cannot act against the law. However, I want to go against them with all the force that the law allows,” the mayor outlined his plan.

Some people want to sleep on a bench or in a car, others outside in the open air. According to Pilný, a house with a garden could solve this, preferably somewhere on the outskirts of the city. “He would have a few modestly furnished flats and social rooms, nothing more. I think they would like to stay there and wouldn’t go out among people so much,” emphasized Pilný. He admitted that this solution is based on the consumption of alcohol, which the homeless are mostly addicted to. No one with a “level” will let them into the hostel, so they then have no choice but to sleep in the streets of the city and on benches.

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