This time I will not underestimate Plkova, claims the muscular Blorussian Amazon

It’s going to be a very interesting series. Plkov first lost to Sabalenka twice – in 2018 in Eastbourne and Cincinnati. Last year, she returned the favor – at Wimbledon and in Montreal.

As the heat, which was first found on the ebeka, got harder. Which, according to the 24-year-old native of Minsk, is no accident.

To be clear, in the first two matches I saw Karolna as the favorite, she began with an explanation. I just crawled up. I expected a great performance from my rivals from Pika.

I went into the next two matches as a confident Top 5 member. what’s going on How on earth is it, mon?

I did not approach the matches with due respect, which was reflected in the results. Sabalenkov claims that it was used. This time he was not going to underestimate Plková. He avoided a merciless battle.

I’m not surprised when the ball lands on the line. I won’t get out. Say to yourself: Sure, you’re on a roll. Normal girl. What’s wrong there?

Not only her original words from the press after the triumph over the Collins house testify to the fact that she is not a woman of the dozen who would easily hide in a crowd.

On the contrary. It catches your eye at first glance. He puts on a killer dog on the court. Her first name is oste and vhr. The stout figure of Pipomn, the mythical vulture.

The world’s Estonian with a tiger head tattooed on his forearm did not rely on any feints or a defensive defense. Be like a zuiv conqueror. He went into it like a madman, remarked Plkov.

I didn’t have to go with such a girl this year. But its service is lousy. They cover me fantastically and also sometimes cause a lot of damage. I beat her twice. Mm anci.

He didn’t even pull out some tennis racket. He wasn’t just going to wave for the stock market. She also enjoys conducting the day on stage.

A certain idea about the form of Plkov and Sabalenkov can be obtained from a statistical comparison of their previous rounds.

Isa 35:16. Double mistakes 21:25.

Vtzn dery 150:121. Unforced errors 126:98.

Fastest day 188:188 km/h.

Vyuit break points 20:23. Lost by services 12:13 p.m.

Plkov spent a total of one hour and 47 minutes on the court during all the trials. Sabalenkov, on the other hand, had to clear two furnitures in ei with the Estonian Kanepiová.

Plkov praises the game’s well-being and physical condition. Sabalenkov counters with a pleasant feeling that the increasing quality of his business.

It’s getting better every day. I hope this trend will continue. Against Plkov, a great serve is an absolute clincher. I will do everything in my power to make her have to rise to every point.

As for the Grand Slam quarterfinals, Plkov will appear in the tenth (so far he has a record of 4:5) and Sabalenkov in the tenth (2:0).

Plkov thought that this year’s show will be on the center court. Like the Belarusian Amazon, I have one unfulfilled dream. Grand Slam title.

In the middle, only one of them joined the cli.

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