A woman in India protected her child from a tiger attack

A woman in India protected her child from a tiger attack
A woman in India protected her child from a tiger attack

The boy suffered a head injury, his mother has an injured lung and deep abdominal wounds. According to the doctors, both will be fine.



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A woman in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was seriously injured when she tried to defend her 15-month-old son from a tiger attack. She and the boy ended up in the hospital. According to the BBC, the animal attack occurred on the outskirts of the Bandhavgarh tiger reserve on Sunday.

The woman defended the child with her bare hands

Archana Choudhary from India took her 15-month-old son Raviraj to the fields to relieve himself on Sunday. According to information from the Times of India website, at that moment a tiger jumped out of the bushes and attacked the couple. The animal tried to bite the boy’s neck, which the woman prevented him from doing. She stood in front of her son with her bare hands, all the while screaming for help. But before other villagers came running, she suffered serious injuries, including a punctured lung. The tiger eventually ran away.

The woman and the child were first taken to the health center in Manpur. After being given first aid, they were taken to the district hospital. According to her husband, she suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, back and hands. The boy has a head injury, but his injuries are not that serious. The authorities are now ensuring the safety of the villagers. They advised them not to go out at night, and they are trying to get the animal back to the territory of the reserve.

Animal attacks on people living around tiger reserves are not uncommon. In addition to tigers, villages also face elephants, which destroy their crops with their unexpected visits. According to experts, too rapid urbanization is to blame, forcing animals to leave their natural habitats in search of prey and shelter.

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