WARM-UP: Physics vs Officials – The Invisible Dog

WARM-UP: Physics vs Officials – The Invisible Dog
WARM-UP: Physics vs Officials – The Invisible Dog

The officials came up with an idea on how to save us, and ordered it. However, they do not say how they would like to arrange it physically. That’s not even possible! It is complete nonsense described from old communist manuals, copied today by “environmentalists”, how to plan a central heating system. But those tables only apply to designers! When the barracks are already built, it is completely unfeasible. Today, we can regulate the temperature in individual rooms with thermostatic valves. But in order to maintain the prescribed temperature in the apartment, there should be no doors in the individual rooms and no one should be allowed to move around the apartment. Physics teaches us how warm and cold air moves in closed spaces, which the officials apparently have no idea about. In addition, even a trained heating engineer knows very well that it is practically impossible to adjust the heating distribution systems in entire houses or panel blocks to such required temperatures. Every intervention in the regulation causes a change in the conditions. So, from a scientific and practical point of view, we are moving in the theory of functions of multiple variables, where every action causes another reaction.

By the way, the idea that the temperature will be checked in individual apartments and fined up to CZK 200,000 for the “offences” found, as announced by the Ministry of Trade and Industry led by banker Jozef Síkela, is beyond stupid. It’s incredible obscenity and arrogance. And it’s also illegal. An official from the ministry simply cannot demand entry into an apartment or house. Or do Síkela and Fiala think they can break the law with impunity? Break into people’s apartments and houses based on some unspecified information? The banker and the professor of political science have never heard of the legal regulation of the conditions of entry into homes and other premises according to the Law on the Police of the Czech Republic No. 273/2008 Coll. “A police officer is authorized to enter a dwelling, other space or land without the user’s consent and to carry out the necessary actions or other measures there only if the matter cannot be delayed and entry there is necessary to protect the life or health of persons or to prevent a serious threat to public order and security.”

If an unauthorized person tries to enter someone else’s apartment or building without meeting strict legal conditions, is such behavior a crime? Don’t today’s government and its officials have a clue that we live in a democratic state according to valid laws? Síkela should be dismissed immediately for this alone! The minister is hiding behind a “state of energy emergency”. See Act No. 362/2021 Coll., which is a law pushed through by activists linked to the EU, and Pětikolka immediately tries to abuse it against citizens.

In the end, the ministry quietly backed down from the public threat. But does the regulation apply or not? Can any official climb into someone’s apartment or house on any report of “overheating”?

Measuring the temperature in a room is quite a complex problem. See, for example, Decree No. 383/2006 Coll. It depends on where it is measured (height, position of the meter in the room), when it is measured. The temperature is also affected by the external environment (sun, wind, position of the building), whether the room is facing north or south, how the air flows around it, what is the thermal insulation of the masonry and also a technical term that is almost forbidden today, namely thermal inertia of the object. See ČSN EN ISO 13943 – thermal inertia. This is usually far more important than the quality of the insulation. Someone should explain these basic things to the banker Síkel, but sensitively, so that he doesn’t get taken from it.

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