A drunk driver from Prague got 13 years for the death of an Ostrava policeman

Health consequences

The accident happened the year before last on July 5 in Prague. Rudovičová, drunk and at a speed approaching 200 kilometers per hour, crashed into a company car from behind, whose crew was returning from the capital to Ostrava. Pavol Kikloš, sitting in the back, died on the spot, another policeman and his colleague in the front suffered serious injuries. They still have consequences today.

Death of a policeman: The Prague court recognized the arguments of the Ostrava lawyer Kausta

Rudovičová had around two per million of alcohol in her. They went to the pool with their husband and children. Her husband allegedly flirted with a strange woman. In anger, she therefore drank a large amount of alcohol. Then they went home together, where a violent family argument took place. This was also confirmed by her husband, who slapped the woman twice. Afterwards, as he smoked on the balcony, he registered that she had gotten into the car. Immediately he followed her in another car. The driver first caused a minor accident on the way, from which she ran away. Then came the tragic crash. It is said that Rudovičová only remembers the scene from the pool, after which she only began to perceive the situation when she was with the policeman at the guardrail. He allegedly does not know what happened in between.

A twist in legal qualifications

The case was first dealt with by the District Court for Prague 4, where the driver was held liable for negligent bodily harm resulting in death, for which she faced two to eight years. At the time, the prosecutor spoke of a sentence of two and a half years and a four-year driving ban. Ostrava lawyer Petr Kausta, who represents the survivors of Pavol Kikloš and the seriously injured policewoman, disagreed with this.

He repeatedly suggested considering changing the legal qualification to a general threat. He pointed to a similar case from Moravia. He argued, among other things, that the driver endangered a number of other vehicles with her frantic driving.

The woman who blamed the death of the Ostrava policeman: I don’t remember

However, he did not find understanding in the circuit court and, paradoxically, not even in the public prosecutor who filed the indictment against Rudičová. Finally, he had a comprehensive expert report drawn up, which dealt in detail with the driver’s driving style and the accident itself. “Our greatest capacities worked on it,” Kausta said.

Experts used records from toll gates and vehicles that Rudovičová passed. From this and a number of other data, they calculated her speed and mapped the course of the drive. It turned out that at great speed she threatened or dangerously missed more than ten vehicles in which almost twenty people were sitting, including children. At the time of the collision, she had almost 200 kilometers on the odometer. Based on this opinion, the case was moved to a higher court, namely the Municipal Court in Prague, which heard the act as a public threat.

Apology to the survivors and the injured

Rudovičová changed her defense attorney several times during the trial. In her closing speech, she expressed regret for what had happened. “It can’t be taken back,” she said. She apologized to the survivors and the injured in a letter. According to Petr Kausta, she should have found the courage to apologize to them personally during the trial.

“She knew when they were summoned,” added the Ostrava lawyer, who was also surprised at the approach of the District Court for Prague 4, which initially dealt with the case. Indeed, the Senate allowed the defendant to enter the courtroom through a side entrance so that she would not meet journalists and the public.

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