Personnel agency: Companies are increasing wages this year by lower percentage units

Personnel agency: Companies are increasing wages this year by lower percentage units
Personnel agency: Companies are increasing wages this year by lower percentage units

Prague – Employers across fields are raising wages this year by lower percentage units, so the rate of inflation will not cover this increase. Only in rare cases did they raise wages by inflation, which reached 17.5 percent in July. This follows from an extensive survey by the staffing agency Grafton Recruitment, which maps the current financial evaluation of 300 job positions in eight main fields of the economy.

“The labor market in the Czech Republic is facing uncertainties this year, which are caused both by the ongoing pandemic crisis and by the war conflict that was provoked by Russia against Ukraine. While the labor market learned to live with the pandemic in many areas, the state of war did not allow it to develop as originally expected, ” said Grafton Recruitment Director Martin Malo.

According to him, the situation most affected manufacturing and construction companies. In addition to having to deal with the rising prices of components and materials, they lack skilled labor more than before, despite the strong influx of refugees. According to him, the long-term excessive dependence on workers from Ukraine turned out to be the easiest, but fundamentally wrong way. Currently, due to general mobilization and war, recruitment from this country is practically impossible, and other sources of job applicants are not sufficient, he said.

However, according to him, some branches are growing despite the current economic problems and are increasing their employees’ monetary benefits in addition to wages. “In addition to traditional bonuses or bonuses, there is also a benefit in the form of an annual salary adjustment according to the current inflation, especially in the field of information technology or business services. Thanks to the deepening shortage of people, a starting bonus and a reward for recommending a new employee are also becoming a common phenomenon,” said Malo.

According to him, in production, it is most often about 25,000 CZK in both cases, but double the amount is not an exception. “In IT or in pharmaceuticals, it’s usually a six-figure sum. The lack of people gives Czech employees the confidence that they don’t have to worry about work in the future either,” Malo pointed out. According to him, it can be expected that unemployment will range between 2.7 and 3.3 percent in the subsequent period, but only on the condition that the worst scenario of an energy crisis does not occur.

Although the real purchasing power of wages is still decreasing, more than 60 percent of employees in the Up ČR survey confirm that their employer has not yet reacted to this situation in terms of remuneration, Up ČR director Stéphane Nicoletti told ČTK. According to him, even among those employees to whom the employer has improved, half are dissatisfied with the scope of this contribution. Therefore, a third of the employees intend to request a salary increase in the coming months, and some employees will request an increase in benefits, he added.

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