Accident involving a truck transporting horses on the D8 highway. The driver was drunk

On Wednesday, shortly after nine o’clock in the morning, a truck transporting horses overturned on the 62nd kilometer of the D8 highway in the direction of Prague. The police have stopped traffic in both directions, and expect it to resume between one and two o’clock in the afternoon at the earliest. The horses are now being examined by veterinarians. The truck driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Traffic on the D8 highway was stopped on Wednesday morning by a serious traffic accident involving a truck transporting horses. The incident happened on the 62nd kilometer in the direction of Prague near the village of Habrovany in Ústeck. Components of the integrated rescue system intervene on the spot.

“We were the first to free the driver from the wrecked car, then it was the turn of the five horses, which we freed from the trailer of the truck. The horses had minor scratches and are now under the care of veterinarians, who are carefully examining them for any more serious injuries. We are next to the highway for the animals they created such an improvised enclosure,” Jan Rudolf, representative of the Ústí region’s fire department spokesman, told

​The truck driver suffered minor injuries and the ambulance took him to the hospital in Ústí. “Along with him, the paramedics also took a woman with a moderately serious injury for treatment. She was helping to move the horses from the trailer to the paddock, one of them injured her,” regional rescue service spokesman Prokop Voleník told

According to the police, the driver was drunk, the breath test for alcohol was positive. “The driver breathed in 1.62 per thousand of alcohol,” regional police spokeswoman Veronika Hyšplerová told

Special equipment is now heading to the scene of the accident. She frees a truck that flipped over on its side during a car accident. The clean-up work will last at least until one o’clock in the afternoon, but it is possible that it will be extended. Traffic is stopped in both directions.

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