The prices of used cars fluctuated at a red level, stagnant for 5 months in ad

The prices of used cars fluctuated at a red level, stagnant for 5 months in ad
The prices of used cars fluctuated at a red level, stagnant for 5 months in ad

Since April of this year, second-hand items purchased on the Czech secondary market retain their value and do not sell. The price of the medina stagnates at the border of 190,000 crowns. It fell to 181,000 crowns only in the red period, when large traditional dealers discounted a large number of cars. Despite the general health problems and high inflation, the prices of used cars have not been rising for five months. However, there are large regional differences in used car prices. For example, in the capital, where second-hand goods are traditionally the most expensive, they are also the youngest. The lowest price point is in the region, the oldest second-hand vehicles are on offer in other areas.

Region Medina prices Medina speedometer Medina st
Prague 259,800 126,951 7.7
Stedoesk 159,000 165,664 11.7
Plzeň 200,000 144,919 9.6
South Moravia 168,000 175,000 12.0
Moravian-Silesian 165,000 161,910 11.4
stick 125,800 176,631 13.1
Jihoesk 129,900 175,000 13.2
Krlovhradeck 154,999 171,000 12.2
Pardubice 151,500 168,970 12.4
Olomouc 169,000 165,000 11.4
Zlnsk 178,000 165,000 11.4
Vysoina 149,990 173,000 12.3
Liberec 129,000 175,986 13.0
Karlovy Vary 169,000 164,479 11.4

This confirms that second-hand goods have reached a certain price ceiling, around which they have been holding for five months. In the midst of second-hand traditions, ervenec is a month when big players on the market try to motivate customers to buy even during the holidays, when prices are usually lower. Even after the mid-year inflation rate of 17%, it is positive that the prices of used cars have not risen above the April level for five months. This current development can be considered a trend, to Lubo Vorlk, executive editor of AAA AUTO and Mototechna car centers in the Czech Republic.

It is interesting to look at the regional differences in the offers of used cars. The most expensive, but at the same time the youngest used cars are for me in the capital. The median price here is 260,000 crowns, but the used ones are probably 7.7 years old. On the other hand, in other areas, the second-hand ones are the oldest, and the average price is under 130,000 crowns. The number of used cars sold under ten years is only in the Plzeň region, where the median is 9.6 years.

The least sold used car model on the Czech market in August was the traditional Skoda Octavia, with 963 units sold between the months and 8,901 units on offer. The Skoda Fabia followed (6,585 cars), this place was occupied by the Volkswagen Golf (3,165 cars). The Skoda Superb (2,913) and Volkswagen Passat (2,699) took first place. The average value of st in August fell compared to the average of 10.8 years ago to the current 10.6 years. The tachometer of the loaded car probably showed a value of 153,563 km. In August, there were 703 cars with a hybrid drive and 327 pure electric cars, an increase of 50.

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