Most people forget important places when cleaning the kitchen. Therefore, 99% of the bacteria will remain there

Most people forget important places when cleaning the kitchen. Therefore, 99% of the bacteria will remain there
Most people forget important places when cleaning the kitchen. Therefore, 99% of the bacteria will remain there

Most of us want to live in a clean home, where things are in their place, where it smells and where we also like to return. That’s why we regularly dust, vacuum, wash dishes and do a lot of work, often not so appreciated, at home.

But we forget about some places, we don’t clean them as regularly as they should, and at the same time, that’s where bacteria often spreads the most. Check with us if you can’t find the neglected one among them.

1. Roots, knobs and buttons of appliances

Buttons from mixers, knobs from the stove, salt and pepper shakers… with every subsequent cooking, the remains of ingredients remain on them, from which we forgot to wash our hands in a hurry. Don’t forget them when cleaning, they will clean well with, for example, a discarded toothbrush.

2. Wastebasket

Bacteria have Eldorado here. Although we probably all already use plastic bags for baskets, it is still necessary to wash them regularly, because dirt settles on the bottom and underside of the lid and mold forms. Occasionally sprinkle the basket with disinfectant and let it work for a while.

3. Dish sponge

We often wash and wipe everything within reach with it, and it is said to be the biggest breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly rinse it in a soapy solution and let it dry freely. Feel free to add it to the dishwasher when washing the dishes or wash it in the washing machine with other laundry. And above all, change it often.

4. Don’t forget the fridge

Internal surfaces that come into contact with food need to be kept clean. So are the handles and handles that we touch every day. The seal around the door, in which dirt is often hidden, also deserves your attention.

5. Cloth towels

Use them mainly to wipe the dishes and then give them a chance to dry properly when laid out. Otherwise, you can transfer the multiplying bacteria from the damp cloth to clean dishes. Use paper towels to wipe your hands.

6. Wooden cutting boards

When cutting, we constantly disturb their surface with new and new cuts, in which various impurities also thrive very well. Scrub them with a brush dipped in vinegar or sprinkle them with salt, leave to act and wash with hot water.

7. Pay attention to the drain

We wash the sink often, because we can see at first glance when it is dirty and greasy, but be careful of the drain. Food residues can settle in it and give off an unpleasant smell. Rinse it regularly with a cleaner intended for this purpose, or even with vinegar water.

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8. Even the dishwasher needs washing

At least once a month, use special products intended for washing the dishwasher, which are placed upside down in the cutlery basket. Don’t forget to wash the drain as well, where there is often a lot of greasy and other deposits.

9. Clean the microwave oven with lemon

To melt baked sprinkles in the microwave, heat a container of water and lemon juice in it for three minutes and leave it inside for another five minutes. All sticky dirt on the inner walls will dissolve. Then easily wipe them with a damp sponge.

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