Viky aka Lady X from the ZOO kisses the bartender…

Viky aka Lady X from the ZOO kisses the bartender…
Viky aka Lady X from the ZOO kisses the bartender…

“I broke Mařenka,” said the mysterious singer Lady X aka Viky Janečková during an interview in a bar. These words were heard recently in the series ZOO, and an ignorant viewer could easily hesitate as to who or what they are talking about. Those who have little knowledge of the plot of the series already know well what it was about and who Mařenka is.

Of course, Mařenka is not a fairy tale character, it is a nickname and belongs to the barman Marko Rokl (played by Štěpán Benoni). He is the best friend of Vika (played here by the actress and singer Eva Burešová) and they understand each other very well. They are friends for life and death. But at one point, something happened between them that no one expected and that irreversibly shifted their entire relationship to a completely different place.

Fatal kiss

There’s nothing wrong with a friend’s kiss and no one will stop at it. But here was something much more serious. Viky was performing as her fictional sister Alex in a bar when her secret love, Judge Petr, arrived there with his fiancee. That didn’t stop Viky, and as she was confused, she pounced on her best friend and kissed him to make it look like she had a deeper relationship with him. It was supposed to be just a game where Marek “pulls Viky out of trouble”. But Marek surprisingly reacted differently than expected and returned the kiss unexpectedly passionately. Which threw not only her, but especially him.

Broken Marenka

And so in the story there was that funny proclamation with the broken Marenko. After all, Marek looks quite contrite throughout the scene, he keeps looking at Viky and evidently he doesn’t know how to proceed, while she herself would prefer to wave her hands. But Marek couldn’t put it behind him so easily, and that’s why he behaved quite strangely throughout the evening. In addition, Viky commented: “Since then, he has been looking at me strangely. Just break them.”

A twist in the relationship

The breaking of Marenka, as it was so nicely described, meant a rather big twist in the ZOO series. Vika and Marko’s relationship has not been the same since that moment. But the fact that these two would get together at some point in the future is also not entirely likely or simple.

Viky is pregnant and expecting a child with Peter. Of course, he doesn’t know it at the time, because he never had anything with Viky – but on the contrary, he slept with her fictional sister Alex, or Lady X. In short, it’s so complicated that it probably won’t unravel the whole thing even in the next season of the series, which returned at the beginning of September television screens.

Complications with actors

Even if Štěpán Benoni continues to happily act as “Mařenka” in the series, it is completely different with his fellow actors. Vika’s pregnancy was not fictional, but real. The actress Eva Burešová is currently on maternity leave and will not physically appear in the series for at least some time, she will only be connected with him on a telephone basis. Even the actor Robert Urban (representative of Judge Peter) admitted that they finished filming the joint scenes before the holidays, so he too is now taking an indefinite break from the series.

How it will continue, no one knows at this moment – and maybe even the screenwriters themselves don’t know very well.

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