Meghan Markle at One Young World: She mentioned only herself 54 times in her speech

“It’s so nice to be back here,” Prince Harry’s wife introduced herself (37) referring to their departure from the royal family and to the US in early 2020. “You are the future, you are the present, you are the positive and necessary changes around the world” she approached promising leaders. But then the monologue about herself began…

In memory

“It was a few years ago, in 2014, when I was first invited to One Young World. I was probably quite like you in many ways, I was young, ambitious,” Meghan Markle talked about shyness and recalled her series career. “How on earth did I end up there? The girl from Kravaťák surrounded by world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers and activists whom I respected and admired so much. It was such an overwhelming experience that I think I hid my name tag – just proof that I was there and I belonged.”

When she participated in a similar event in 2019, she was already living a completely different life. “I was already married and a mother too,” she recalled her son Archie (3), then only five months old. “What kind of world awaits him?”

Speech without content

Meghan’s speech was applauded by the young participants of the summit, but the more experienced onlookers were not so easily impressed by the celebrity. “I can’t imagine how those two thousand young people understood what she was even talking about.” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, commented to The Sun. “The speech made no sense, it was all about her. She probably didn’t even know what she was talking about, just ‘me, me, me’ and self-aggrandizement.” “If it was the wider public in Britain, she wouldn’t have been well received, but here she had an audience that was more on her side, who he applauds her even if she doesn’t say anything,” agrees Phil Dampier, a writer focused on the royal family. “She is using her acting skills in a publicity offensive launched after the British press turned against her.”

Meghan dressed just like Kate Middleton

They blew them up…

Two thousand young people in the audience applauded enthusiastically, but the journey to the gala dinner was not so joyful. The prince and duchess preferred to cross the two hundred meters from the hotel by car, but they went a little further through an open area – and there, alongside the fans, opponents were waiting for them, whose boos they certainly did not hear…

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Meghan Markle at the One Young World Summit.

Meghan Markle at the One Young World Summit.


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