The Indian Summer Open Air Festival will entertain the Quarter to Death or Dokruha

The Indian Summer Open Air Festival will entertain the Quarter to Death or Dokruha
The Indian Summer Open Air Festival will entertain the Quarter to Death or Dokruha

From 3 p.m., rock and blues band Noční klid (Chomutov) will play, and from 4 p.m., the Ústí/Chomutov “newcomers” Molly The Bloom will join them. The brutally tender trio has orgasmic guitars, crushing dance beats and their own songs. The trio consists of Vláďa Dundr, a guitar legend of the 1990s from Ústí nad Labem, Martin Jáchym sings and plays guitar, Filip Hisem sings and drums. The trio is said to be inspired by Pearl Jam and Neil Young, they have a nice soulful blues music video “Oh oh” on YouTube.

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From 5 p.m., Potěr z Jirkov will dance to the hard rock of Venkov. The first climax of the festival is already from 6 p.m. The fresh, imaginative five-piece from Prague will start playing, their indie urban folk and rock is original. And the finale? From 19.15 it will be Dokruhu – weird country, Americana, country-blues, indie core. The formation from Bílina consists of Tom Trykar, Aleš Hrebeniak and Karel Straka.

We talked about the festival with Bedřich Fryč, director of the Chomutov Municipal Library.

We are in the 18th year of the event. There is a rehearsal room in the library, the core of the festival is the local bands, they use it, as well as the guests. The name of the festival is derived from the period of grandmother’s summer, in America in the fall it is Indian summer. The library is active, will regular visitors get involved?
The festival has regular visitors, they are members of other bands. It is a traditional meeting of rock musicians of the younger generation from Chomutovsko. The musicians also participate significantly in the dramaturgy by inviting related bands from other regions.

Who is the flagship event for 2022?
Prague Quarter to death. I saw them this year in Romania at the Banát festival, I consider them a band with great potential. Quarter to the death is the first time they play here this year without any problems after complications with the weather.

Do you enjoy Molly The Bloom (Ústí, Chomutov)?
I know both musicians well, Vláďa Dundr from Ústí played for us with his band Stíhlá koza at our wedding. The trio is excellent, original.

And a few more lines from Jan Vacík (guitar, vocals, lyrics) for A Quarter to Death:
We played Chomutova in May, the concert was cut short due to bad weather. We will play in five (drums, bass, vocals and ac. guitar, flute/sax, backing vocals). We will bring a brand new song, so far we have only played it at three festivals: Banát, Lathife Lanškroun and MikuLOVE.

We have just finished probably the biggest concert, we closed the MikuLOVE festival after the joint concert of Hradišťan and UJD.

What are your next plans?
In September, apart from Chomutov, we have one more concert, bands. We are slowly preparing a new CD, it will be called “Love. Always…”

Can you add anything more about Banat 2022?
We were looking forward to it there, it was a premiere for the band. Rumors of the train journey, the atmosphere of the event and the hospitality of the locals reached us from artistic circles, the experience exceeded all our expectations. The train was late, we went straight to the stage upon arrival, the concert had to be cut short. The following days were also intense. We signed up for trips around the area, the very next day after returning from the cave tour, the organizers offered us another performance on the main stage as a replacement for the shortened concert. The other half of Banat is already completely covered in a light fog, from which fragments of memorable experiences and conversations still stand out. We would love to go back there if we have the strength for the trip next year. We don’t know yet.

Radek Strnad

The article is in Czech

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