Terrifying accident in Slovakia: A man set his ex-wife on fire while driving, then crashed on purpose

On Monday afternoon, a terrifying case took place near the village of Tesárske Mlyňany in Slovakia. A 47-year-old man was supposed to pour combustible material on his ex-wife while driving there and set her on fire, saying that he was also planning his own death. However, unlike his poor ex-wife, he survived.

Slovak firefighters, police officers and rescuers intervened on Monday before three in the afternoon in a serious traffic accident in which a car ran off the R1 road near the village of Tesárske Mlyňany. When the car went off the road, it caught fire.

Firefighters were the first to arrive at the scene of the accident, they found a charred woman in the passenger seat of the car. No one was behind the wheel, but after a while they noticed a burned man in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. “The driver suffered burns to the extent of 40 percent of his body surface. After stabilization of basic vital functions, he was put into artificial sleep and transported by helicopter to the Bratislava hospital,” described the air rescuers who intervened, according to Nový Čas newspaper.

However, the case was subsequently taken over from the police by the Slovak National Criminal Agency, which began investigating the case as a premeditated murder, the Topky portal reported. New facts have come to light.

A defenseless 41-year-old woman was allegedly doused in petrol and set on fire by her ex-husband, who was driving. His plan was that his life would also be extinguished in the vehicle, which he ultimately failed to do. But his ex-wife burned alive.

Police said they also found a farewell letter in which the burned man apologized to his sons for what he had done to their mother. “We will provide more detailed information only after the procedural situation allows,” said Michal Slivka, a spokesman for the Slovak police presidium.


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