Idika got 13 years for the death of a policeman in a car wreck on the highway

Idika got 13 years for the death of a policeman in a car wreck on the highway
Idika got 13 years for the death of a policeman in a car wreck on the highway

There is no doubt about the guilt based on the evidence presented, the president of the senate, Vlasta Langhamerov, justified the double-digit sentence. Sttn sstupce proposed a punishment and imprisonment of eight years for the victim.

The judgment is not final, it can be appealed to the Supreme Court in Prague.

The judge revealed that Rudoviov threatened at least 18 people in twelve cars at a critical moment on the highway.

Her woman was so different from my way of women… She was wrapped up at home as long as possible. Get into the vehicle and see how your skills are for the vehicle. It was clear to me that I must not get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, the judge questioned.

Rudoviov sat under the influence of alcohol, and knew that it was a powerful vehicle. She drove in an aggressive, grossly violating manner, the judge said. She recapitulated the entire fateful journey that the accused took.

Draznila, even in towns where the speed is limited to 50 and 80 km/h, Rudoviov drove 241 km/h. The accident occurred at a speed of 199 km/h. Idika had a drunken dog with two per million of alcohol in her breath and less than two in her blood. According to experts, there were traces of cocaine in his body.

the woman stated in court that she did not remember the day. According to him, the drama started on the incriminated day when he had a fight with a man.

the speed was uncontrollable, the speed was high, said the president of the senate.

According to the court, the police had no chance to change anything, to heal the heart and to reduce the consequences of the accident. The verdict also swept away the objection of the defense that the deceased policeman was not involved in the collision and thus could have been responsible for the subsequent collisions.

I’m sorry, one Jitka Rudoviov said to the animal.

The defense requested a punishment for me called misdemeanors – killed by negligence, then injured by negligence and endangered under the influence of the drug addiction. On the other hand, the first victims gave Pibilin millions of crowns as compensation for the code. The woman paid the pension.

Death on the highway

The tragic accident happened on the evening of April 5, 2020, on the main road in Prague 4. A drunken driver in front of her drove her Mercedes and crashed into a parked car, but she drove away from the accident and continued for more than a kilometer to the fatal road.

She clicked along the highway and at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour she passed several vehicles. In the end, she crashed into the service car of the Moravian-Silesian policemen, who were returning home from the capital.

The 19-year-old policeman, who was just sitting in the left rear seat, had a heart attack, and rescuers tried in vain to resuscitate him for an hour. Two police officers died in hospital. the driver of the car will likely have permanent consequences related to the mobility of the limbs, according to the coroner, the policewoman from the passenger seat still suffers from psychological trauma due to the accident.

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