Who’s lying? I didn’t want him before, I don’t want him now, says the UFC legend before the fight with the Russian


Author: Ondřej Huml

Nate Diaz.PHOTO: UFC

One of them is lying here! Famous fighter Nate Diaz once again clashed with boss Dana White ahead of his UFC debut on Saturday. And that’s because of the rival Khamzat Chimaev. Although the boss claimed that Diaz told himself about this fight, he himself resolutely denies it. “It’s not true. I didn’t want this fight,” said the American MMA fighter in an interview with ESPN.

But the truth is that Diaz pushed White enough to finally give him his last fight in the UFC. And that he repeatedly claimed that he would go against anyone. In the end, he made it, but he is obviously not happy about his opponent’s name. He got a never-beaten Russian, who resembles a locomotive in a cage.

According to a large part of the fans, he will be cut. Perhaps too much, which some critics say is White’s vengeful plan. “People who say this probably didn’t read Nate’s statement. He himself said that he asked for this fight. That’s the truth. He also wanted Francis Ngannou, but we would put him in the cage with him as if to be defeated,” the boss defended himself in the interview for TMZ.

Of course, the fight with the African heavyweight ruler was only a joke, but the battle with Chimaev will be a harsh reality. It will take place this Saturday in Las Vegas, and according to bookmakers, Diaz has almost no chance of success. How does he see it himself?

“I’m the champion of the whole UFC, I don’t care,” he remained outwardly a tough guy, who is loved by fans all over the world for exactly this attitude. But then he easily went on the offensive.

“Look what they made me do now. They’re still saying I wanted this fight, but that’s not true at all. I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t want it before and I don’t want it now. But I’m not going to argue, I’m going to fight anybody. Chimaev will be under pressure. He will want to finish me at any cost because he is the next killer in town,” said the 37-year-old from Stockton.

“But our fight isn’t about him. It’s more about him making a name for himself on me. I’m the best fighter of them all, that’s why they didn’t want to let me out of here. Not without someone making a name for themselves on me. So fine, if there’s no other way. You’re welcome, UFC,” he remarked sarcastically.

On the other hand, White doesn’t blame it. He fully understands that this clash is a very good business item for him. And that’s what it’s all about. “I’m on his side. I understand the business, so it’s fine with me,” Diaz said.

Quite possibly he spoke like that because he will soon be in the same role as White. After his departure from the UFC, he plans to found his own organization, which is to be called Real Fight. “I’m thinking about it. But it’s certainly not because I want to set myself against anyone. I don’t even have a plan for what my next steps will look like yet. I haven’t started anything yet. Maybe I’ll decide depending on how my match on Saturday turns out . If I don’t kick that bastard’s ass now, I might have to sign a new contract to get the right to retaliate,” he smirked.

“No matter what happens, I always say and I will always say that the best fighters are in the UFC. Nothing will change that,” concluded the legendary fighter with a record of 20-13.

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