Diamonds and cake: The famous confectioner designed jewelry for 70,000. Who continues to dabble in goldsmiths’ craft?

Although each has a different profession, they are all united by a passion for jewelry. And so in the Czech show business you will find brave ladies who are not afraid to start designing them. Not even a recognized confectioner Iveta Fabešová she did not reject the offer of cooperation proposed to her by the family jewelry company JK Jitka Kudláčková. She thus fulfilled her dream and presented this week in her sweet establishment in Werich’s Villa a collection of earrings, a necklace and a ring made of red gold with diamonds for approximately 70,000 CZK.

But she is not the only one who wanted to create jewelry outside of her field. Who else got into jewelry?

Iveta Fabešová (38)

The jewelry set presented by the well-known confectioner is mainly decorated with butterflies. They are typical for her – she even has a bowtie in her logo. He will add more to the collection later bracelet and everything will also be available to order for other customers from the public.

Photo: Václav Křížek

The collection called Our Butterflies was created in collaboration with Iveta by goldsmith David Hrubec from JK Jitka KudláčkováPhoto: Václav Křížek

Pavlína Nemcová (50)

In addition to modeling, this likable lady was also involved in acting and production. And although she had a rough start, became the face of many foreign brands and was also successful in the world. Her interest and passion for design led her to another business in 2015: she started designing original jewelry under the Gioia brand and opened a boutique of the same name in Prague’s Pařížská Street.

Photo: ,

The model came with a unique collection of body necklaces made of silver and gold. The purchase price is from CZK 7,770Photo: ,

Photo: Gioia

Pavlína Němcová has her jewelry boutique in Pařížská street in Prague. Bracelets with numbers and rings are popular. A bracelet with a number costs CZK 2,990Photo: Gioia

Vlastina Svátková (40)

The popular actress and writer is also clever and creative, and she also works in her spare time designing fashion and jewelry. She has already created a few clothing models and creates jewelry with natural gems and semi-precious stones with her friend – an actress Zuzana Šulajová (44) – under the Adore brand.

Photo: Company archive

From left: Ring, natural yellow diamonds and morganite, CZK 34,000. Necklace, white gold with crystal, CZK 15,000. All AdoraPhoto: Company archive

Lucie Bílá (56)

She also found a hobby in stringing beads, rosaries and various other jewelry with little angels for good luck favorite singer. It is now her hobby and, according to her, she has beads not only at home, but also at her cottage, and even in her car. He devotes every free moment to threading – he donates the proceeds from sales to charity.


From left: White magnesite bracelet with surgical steel heart, 350 CZK. Chain with Angel from Preciosa crystal, 350 CZK. Everything e-shop Lucie Bílá,Photo:

Bára Nesvadbová (47)

A well-known writer and journalist has also been dedicated to charity for years, and it is for this reason that she designed her own collection of ALOve Iluze by Bára bracelets two years ago. The bracelets are made of white, rose and yellow gold hearts on a colorful string, and the initial proceeds went to a good cause.


You can buy bracelets by Bára at Alove diamond jewelry storesPhoto:

Photo: Company archive

Alove, Love bracelet with a heart made of 14-karat yellow gold, 4,077 CZKPhoto: Company archive

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