Access to medical crutches, gags and hoses. Energy prices are to blame

Access to medical crutches, gags and hoses. Energy prices are to blame
Access to medical crutches, gags and hoses. Energy prices are to blame

But he was far from the only bel. This is also the case with many medical devices used in hospitals, such as certain components, parts, gags, hoses and many others, Petra Ulrichov told on behalf of the association.

According to the association, the covid pandemic, Russian aggression towards Ukraine and inflation are responsible for the rapid rise in prices, which has a negative impact on the costs associated with the production and delivery of medical supplies to the Czech market.

The association has therefore decided to enter into a discussion on the possibility of price deregulation for some medical devices and the exclusion from the public health system. According to him, this could represent an effective tool for mitigating the impact of the current economic situation on the arrival of medical devices on the market.

The supplier also has a problem

If nothing changes, we have to expect that even in the fifth year the availability of some medical resources will be limited. Even today, manufacturers have to decide which products to remove from the offer and move to other markets, because their castles in the Czech Republic are below the limits of production costs, said the president of the CzechMed association, Miroslav Palt.

According to the Ulrichs, in theory, there will be a price increase for products that are on vouchers and can be paid for separately. But the situation in hospitals, where payments are excluded, is worse. There simply won’t be gadgets there.

The patient cannot even pay for the medical device. So, if the public health system does not pay the joint venture, it will not be available, she added. According to them, the decline could still be felt by the end of the year and in the following years in Vt.

According to the association, the double-digit investment in 2021 and 2022 is reflected both in input materials, such as plastics, steel, aluminum, etc., as well as in the prices of energy, packaging materials, and transportation.

Meziron development investment in the production and delivery of medical devices on the market in the period 2021/2022. | photo: CzechMed Association, market survey 8/2022

In connection with the new European and national first right to increase the price for the company’s audit in the interim period, by an average of 10 percent. Fulfilling the new regulatory requirements takes time and expertise and will affect your personnel costs, the association noted in a press release.

She emphasized that the problem is not only the price of input and packaging materials, but also their availability. The limited availability of key materials necessitates the need for large stockpiles to increase related costs for warehouses, according to the statement.

At the same time, Palt pointed out that existing problems should be dealt with by the supplier. We will strive to maintain the current supply of medical supplies. The currently available portfolio of medical devices will only be possible if the sales price can be increased by several hundred percent. There is currently talk about the possibility of raising prices by 4 percent, the situation is not, specified the president of the association.

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