Boxer who showed her breasts to fans in the ring: Next time I’ll bring out something even worse!

Boxer who showed her breasts to fans in the ring: Next time I’ll bring out something even worse!
Boxer who showed her breasts to fans in the ring: Next time I’ll bring out something even worse!


Author: Ondřej Huml

Tai Emery and her time in the Extreme Football League (LFL)PHOTO: Extreme Football League

She performed brilliantly, grounding her opponent with a grenade. Even so, everyone will mainly remember what she cut right after the battle. Shortly after her weekend win at BKFC in Thailand, Australian boxer in boxing without gloves Tai Emery jumped on the ropes and showed her breasts to the enthusiastic audience. This video became a hit, she herself became a star of social networks. Would she do it again?

“Yes, we conquered the internet!” laughed the likable horn in an interview with MMA Fighting. “It’s a new thing for the fans. My friends told me I became number one on Google. It’s nice to at least beat a Kardashian (American top model Kim Kardashian) in something,” added Emery.

She became famous almost overnight, but her impressive knockout in the fight with the home fighter Rung-Arun Khunchai did not play much of a role in it. Everyone mainly dealt with a bold celebration…

“You know, I always try to be mostly myself. In all circumstances. Anyone who knows me knows that very well. My friends will say that Tai is just Tai, that’s how it should be. That’s why I don’t even think about what that’s what others think,” admitted Emery, who was followed by around 50,000 people on Instagram before Saturday’s gala. Today it is twice as much!

“All the reactions have been nothing but positive, because it was a damn good idea too. It was definitely not meant to upset or offend anyone. It’s just good when the fans have fun. And honestly, it was one of the best things I could have ever done . Because when you are yourself, nothing bad can ever come of it,” emphasized the thirty-five-year-old boxer, who previously played Extreme Football League (LFL).

“I’m sure a lot of people were worried that I’d get in trouble for it now. Especially when I did it in Thailand, where women aren’t allowed to show their breasts. I’m aware that there might have been a backlash in this Buddhist country. But I didn’t catch any negative reactions,” added Emery.

“It was a big exaggeration. As I had to be the boss in the ring, I also wanted to celebrate. In short, I wanted to do something crazy. I understand that for introverted and shy women it had to be over the line. However, I am not a shy person.” she noted that the management of BKFC is understanding of her antics.

“I think that bare-knuckle boxing is exactly the sport for me. I can have fun in it, I feel like myself. And if I do something like that again? I think next time it will be even worse! I’ll definitely come up with something worse, because the crazier I am, the better I feel,” laughed Emery.

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