Sparta deals with the arrival of Viktor Fischer! But the Danish winger has other priorities

Sparta deals with the arrival of Viktor Fischer! But the Danish winger has other priorities
Sparta deals with the arrival of Viktor Fischer! But the Danish winger has other priorities

Jakub Jankto is Sparta’s big summer signing, after all, he has spent six seasons in Serie A and one in La Liga. In addition, he is still only 26 years old, so Letensi got a representative at an ideal age. So far, however, Jankto has not convinced, which is what Spartan icon Martin Frýdek also thinks.

Jankta did very well in the Italian Serie A, but last year he opted for a change. He exchanged the Apennine peninsula for the Iberian one and went to Getafe, Spain. But this engagement didn’t work out at all, at first he was injured for a long time and when he returned, he didn’t get into the lineup and sat on the bench for the whole spring.

And so he decided to return to the Czech Republic. Quite a shocking step at the age of 26, especially for a player who was almost obsessed with foreign countries and left for Italy at the age of 18 from Slavia’s youth team.

There were different opinions about his arrival. Optimistic Sparta fans believed that Jankto is an above-standard player in our league and will be a great reinforcement. However, there were also a large number of skeptics who did not believe that the player could help Sparta after almost a year of recruiting.

For now, Jankto agrees with the second group. He came off the bench twice in wins against Olomouc and Boleslav, then started three times in the starting line-up and there were three draws. His individual performances are also bad, it doesn’t look like Jankto has 6 seasons in the top 5 leagues.

“When I saw him in the national team, he was filling the left wing, in Sparta it seems to me that he wants to play prankster. Instead of going down the line, he goes to the center,” Jankta is evaluated in the Přímák od Sport program by Sparta legend Martin Frýdek.

“There was practically no knowledge of his deformity. Before the match with Zlín, the success rate of the centers was only eighteen percent. That’s a scary number from a player with a polished left-hander.” adds the presenter of the program, Radek Šilhan.

“I want to believe that he can handle it and help, but he hasn’t shown it yet. To his apology, I must say that he was injured for a long time. So he has to get into it. But he hasn’t convinced me yet,” says Frydek.

He hasn’t scored a goal or an assist in five games so far, and Sparta didn’t play against teams fighting for the title, they played against Olomouc, Boleslav, Bohemians, Jablonec and Zlín. Especially after his performance against Zlín, Jankto was criticized a lot and coach Brian Priske withdrew him in the 64th minute.

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