Read FORUM Weekly today! Do you believe Babis? Not us. And it’s not an ad

Read FORUM Weekly today! Do you believe Babis? Not us. And it’s not an ad
Read FORUM Weekly today! Do you believe Babis? Not us. And it’s not an ad

We have two good news for you. The first is that subscribers to the electronic edition of FORUM Weekly can now read our newspaper a day earlier. Specifically now! Do you want to be among them? No problem, just subscribe to them straight away from this link.

We also offer subscribers who opt for the electronic version of the FORUM Weekly the opportunity to read something from time to time that simply could not fit in the printed newspaper, even if we would sometimes prefer to inflate it. In this issue, there is a great interview with Jiří Padevět. He says so many interesting things that it would take up a whole book. In the printed FORUM Weekly, the content was somewhat limited, but you can read more in the online version.

But to the point and the other good news, which concerns the newspaper. We decided to react to the outrageous advertisement of Andrej Babiš, who on the front pages of his own newspaper called on people not to trust the media and rather watch his demagogic show. We say that there are media that people can trust, and we also say that we don’t trust Babiš. This is what the front page looks like, which you will find in newsstands tomorrow and on the website today:

An attack on the media is an attack on democracy. And that attack is also related to what is the main topic of the current issue of FORUM Weekly. Russian propaganda that succeeded in a stunt that all Kremlin agents are loudly rejoicing about – a demonstration on Wenceslas Square. Jan Šibík was there, taking pictures and having fun with people. So read his testimony.

Of course, in the current issue you will also find all your other favorite sections: the aforementioned great interview with Jiří Padevět, culture, in which Milan Tesař writes about the series Případy 1. épartement, Dan Hrubý recalls the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich in the historical section, and in the interview of Lucie Tomanová you will read how humanity will colonize Mars.

Jiří X. Doležal warns against the sale of fake marijuana in Prague shops, of course there are comments and Robert Břešťan from Hlídací psa writes about the extension of mining in OKD. There’s a lot. And if you want to read now, you can. We wish you a nice experience! Subscribe here.

The article is in Czech

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