Anti-Russian sanctions are short-sighted and dangerous for the whole world, Putin said

Anti-Russian sanctions are short-sighted and dangerous for the whole world, Putin said
Anti-Russian sanctions are short-sighted and dangerous for the whole world, Putin said

Vladivostok – Anti-Russian Western sanctions are short-sighted and pose a danger to the whole world, which is increasingly turning to Asia, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today at an economic forum in Vladivostok. This was reported by the Reuters agency. The Russian president called the government in Kiev an illegitimate regime that came to power after a coup in 2014. According to Russian agencies, he also rejected accusations that Russia was violating international law. The European Union and other countries have imposed extensive economic and diplomatic sanctions on Russia and its officials following a Russian military attack on neighboring Ukraine in February.

At the beginning of the speech, Putin said that other global challenges have replaced the coronavirus epidemic. “I mean the sanctions fever of the West, its unconcealed aggressive attempts to impose its patterns of behavior on other countries, deprive them of their sovereignty and subject them to their will,” the head of state said.

Putin described the current government in Kyiv as an illegitimate regime that came to power after the coup in 2014. Since 2014, when large-scale protests led to the flight of President Viktor Yanukovych to Russia, Ukraine has held several parliamentary and presidential elections, the last of which was won in 2019 by current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

According to Putin, Russia faces the economic, financial and technological aggression of the West, which causes the country certain difficulties in some regions and areas of industry. Companies dependent on supplies from Europe are in particular need, Putin admitted.

However, a confidential document of the Russian government, from which Bloomberg quoted this week, warns of the deep and lingering effects of Western sanctions on the Russian economy. The material points out that the pressure on the Russian economy caused by sanctions will increase, and Europe’s shift away from Russian energy raw materials could also disrupt Russia’s ability to supply the domestic market.

The most pessimistic scenario in this material assumes that the Russian economy will bottom out in 2024, when it will be 11.9 percent weaker than last year, and will recover until the end of the decade. The document warns that within a year or two, Russia faces a drop in output in a number of export-oriented industries, including oil, gas, metals, chemicals and wood products.

Russia has not lost anything through its activity in Ukraine, it is only strengthening its own sovereignty, Putin said today in Vladivostok. He said he believes that his country will eventually become stronger and develop faster.

According to Putin, Russia is “helping the people” living in the Donbas during the current invasion, according to him, it is Russia’s debt to them, which “we will fulfill to the end”. Putin also said in Vladivostok that Russia did not start the fighting in Ukraine, but on the contrary is trying to end the fighting that has been going on there since 2014. At that time, Moscow annexed the Ukrainian Crimea and provided support to pro-Russian separatists in the regions of eastern Ukraine. The fighting on the border of the two separatist regions has not completely subsided despite the agreements from Minsk, Belarus, and according to the UN, almost 4,000 civilians have died in the region from 2014 to 2021. In the last six months of the war, Putin justified Russian activities by, for example, the need to “denazify Ukraine”.

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