Summary 7.9. – Europe uncertain, US markets in positives, BCPP grew strongly thanks to specifics to one woman. crisis, the dollar weakened, oil fell below 90 USD

The stock market burst in the middle of the week when it was liquidated above average, and it grew.

European markets were reserved for a while today and were mostly in the red for most of the day. The sharp increase was most likely associated with sharp movements in the currency markets. These were caused by the initial indication that the market is in a tizzy and 82% sweat for the life session of the Fed’s monetary committee is the current increase in rates by 75 points in an attempt to tame the rapidly inflated inflation.

Look for the investment and see the ECB’s decision on the set rates. ance for a drastic move by the Fed in the sense of a jump of 75 points is increasing after some comments in that direction. It was heard that the ECB should, like the Fed, prioritize the effort to control inflation while accepting the certain risk of a possible economic slowdown.

The negative mood in the course of the day was thus influenced by fears of further negative economic development abroad, which worsens the general outlook in the global market.

US stock markets react positively to the decline in government bond yields and the weakening of the dollar. Today, the so-called Bov book of the Fed and comments on the current situation at various events will be presented by 3 members of my committee (Cleveland, Barkin, Brainard).
Technologic Nasdaq retraces and corrects 7-day series decline.


After an uncertain morning in the vicinity of the public animal, the euro started to strengthen against the dollar in the afternoon. It is explained that in the mentioned offer, the dollar rates continue to rise rapidly. The unusually high rate of interest rate growth (up to 75 points) increases the risk of subsequent economic problems and a significant slowdown in the local economy, which reduces the attractiveness of the dollar.
The koruna is uncertain against the euro and in the vicinity of the public animal, the koruna started to strengthen in the afternoon against the dollar.

Online usd/euro exchange rate chart
Online chart of the exchange rate of the euro
Online usd exchange rate chart

Oil fell below USD 90 per barrel of Brent in another unusually volatile session in the afternoon.
The oil market is aware of the negative impact of high interest rates on general economic development, or on the decline of total demand.
Gold managed to send back above the USD 1,700 per troy ounce mark in the afternoon due to the weakening of the dollar.


The BCPP was very successful today thanks to the influence of new details regarding the energy crisis. EZ shares and banks dominated the conversation. Both are supported by the last comments regarding the recommended price ceiling for electricity, which, according to the government’s energy advisers, should be somewhere between 6-10 K/kWh. The average for last year was around 5.8 K/kWh. From the comments, it seems that the ceiling should not leave enough room for manufacturers to make a “gross profit”. At the same time, the likelihood and necessity of introducing special taxes for excessive profits will decrease to a certain extent, which supports bank titles.

px online index

Comments on the day in the markets and mainly at first:

12.h – Europe falls due to concerns about the weakening of the economy, BCPP increases due to the concretization of the proposal of the EU. crisis, I’m not sure, oil is weak


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