Watch: Who buys energy for schools and hospitals and for how much

Watch: Who buys energy for schools and hospitals and for how much
Watch: Who buys energy for schools and hospitals and for how much

Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela (for STAN) will present to the cabinet variants of the concept for the creation of a state energy trader, which should provide energy for the public sector.

A temporary variant should be the state-owned enterprise Prisko, which the Ministry of Finance has invited to apply for a license for an energy trader. According to Síkela, this is a temporary solution that is the fastest in the current situation.


  • The state-owned company Prisko was established in 1992 during the privatization of the Mladá Boleslav car company in the hands of the Volkswagen company.
  • Through it, the Ministry of Finance owns a 100% stake in the mining company OKD.
  • Prisko Group’s profit last year amounted to 314 million crowns, most of which was generated by the subsidiary OKD (217 million).
  • The profit of Prisk alone was 60 million crowns last year.
  • In the past, the company Prisko was also the owner of a fifth of the shares of the airline company ČSA.

The state trader should acquire energy for so-called protected customers in such a way that producers above a certain size will have to sell part of their production to him at a predetermined price. The purchase price under Stanjura will include production costs plus a reasonable profit.

“We have to determine it by law. This way, the debates about whether the company is doing the sale with the care of a good manager and whether it could have made a bigger profit otherwise,” the minister told Hospodářské novinám. According to them, the state trader will need to buy about a third of the electricity consumption in the Czech Republic.

The total volume of purchased electricity should be over 20 TWh per year, i.e. about a third of Czech consumption, while purchases should start already this year, with delivery for next year.

At the same time, the government will continue to prepare a variant of a new agency or organizational unit of the state that would provide energy for the public sector. According to the Minister of Industry, the advantage of such a solution could be the setting up of a state trader who, in case of need, would buy energy at a higher price than the price at which it would then sell it to the public sector.

However, this requires a change in the law, which, according to him, may take a longer time.

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