Blood flows under the Russian windows. Alleged suicides of oligarchs resemble mysterious deaths from the time of the collapse of the USSR World

Beneath the windows of an elite hospital in a quiet Moscow district lies the body of billionaire Ravil Maganov, the 67-year-old chairman of the board of directors of the Lukoil oil company. He was initially hospitalized for heart problems, but doctors reportedly also diagnosed him with depression. On the first day of September, he fell from the window of his sixth-floor hospital room. According to the state agency TASS, Russian police believe that Maganov, who was a member of an important Tatarstan oil clan – his brother heads the Tatneft company – committed suicide.

Two months earlier, the body of Yuri Voronov was found in the satellite town of Morskiye Terassa near Vyborg in northwestern Russia in the Leningrad Region. An influential Russian businessman linked to the gas giant Gazprom ended up in his own swimming pool with a shot in the head.

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