From Fial’s advisor to energy: The price will be higher for people, but affordable

Capping the price of electricity is a topic that has been talked about a lot lately. Not only Brussels, but also the Czech Republic is working on its plan to combat expensive electricity. And she even has a very ambitious plan. It is written by the server

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Description: Distribution of electricity from the Řeporyje transformer station

Brussels is currently planning to set a price cap for electricity at 200 euros per megawatt hour. That’s four times last year’s price. Prague is coming up with a more ambitious plan – the price of electricity for households should range from six to ten crowns per kilowatt hour. However, this is not even double last year’s price. server refers to the Financial Times, which writes about the European proposals. The European Commission appears to be recommending that member states cap the price of electricity from producers such as wind, nuclear and coal plants.

On Friday, an extraordinary meeting of ministers will take place on the topic of energy, and in addition to European proposals, there is also a national solution in play, which should complement the measures from the EU. And one of Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s main advisors, Jakub Kajzler, spoke about the Czech measure. According to him for the daily Právo, the goal will be to bring the prices to a level that, although higher than before, will be accessible to the majority of citizens and companies.

Jakub Kajzler, who is supposed to advise Fiala on energy, is originally an expert on foreign relations. Since graduating from the University of Economics in 2009, he has worked exclusively in the state sphere or in the main office of the ODS, first under Minister Vondra, later under Minister Stanjura. Before working with Prime Minister Fiala, he was an assistant to MEP Veronika Vrecionová.

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