Living on Mars would certainly not be pleasant. At least that’s what one of the NASA astronauts claims –

For some, living on Mars would be a lifelong dream come true, for others more of a nightmare. The second mentioned category also includes NASA astronaut Stanley Love, who commented on the issue in an interview for The US Sun magazine.

“If I think it would be possible? Yes. If I think it would be nice? No. I think it would be terrible,” he stated.

Love said that his feelings are influenced by the experience of spending several months in the harsh conditions of Antarctica, during which he had to endure many hardships – for example, hunger.

Three wormy apples for 8 people

“They took away a pile of rubbish and from New Zealand they brought us three wormy apples the size of a ping-pong ball,” he recalled.

“There were eight of us and we carefully portioned the apples so that we each got exactly three-eighths of a wormy apple the size of a ping-pong ball from New Zealand, and it was the best apple you’ve ever eaten.”

Of course, colonizing the red planet would be much more difficult. “It will take a very long time for Mars to be able to produce even a small wormy apple the size of a ping-pong ball,” Love noted.

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