STAN wants a power plant for every household and village

Energy self-sufficiency is the main motto of the campaign before the municipal and senate elections, which was launched on Tuesday by the STAN movement in the historic building of the wastewater treatment plant in Prague’s Bubenč.

We will direct the greater part of the support to smaller projects

Josef Síkela

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Josef Síkela (for STAN), said that an amendment to the Energy Act, which will introduce simpler rules for renewable sources, is being finalized. It will support more domestic and municipal power plants or allow citizens to share the electricity produced in their village or city.

“Although I am aware of the greater energy efficiency of large projects, we will try to protect smaller projects and they will have preferential treatment, which means that we will direct the greater part of the support to smaller projects,” said Právu Síkela. He added that the amendment, for example, provides that people will be able to have a home power plant without a license with a power of up to 40 kW, today it is only 10 kW.

Fiala: The solution to high energy prices will be ready


The leader of the Vít Rakušan movement believes in electoral success despite the fact that the STAN brand was tarnished by the corruption scandal surrounding the former Prague councilor Petr Hlubuček. “I think that we will be able to sell our successes in the communal campaign and that all the doubting voices, whether we will succeed or not, are odd. “When I see the quality of the candidates, I am convinced that the STAN movement will be among the strongest in the municipal elections,” said the Austrian.

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