The European Commission proposes to lend Kyiv another 120 billion

The announced support follows the EU summit at the end of May, where the leaders in principle gave the green light to a package of financial support in the amount of nine billion euros. Only one billion has been released from it so far, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticizing the EU for delays in the summer.

Kyiv says the Ukrainian state has been missing about five billion dollars every month since the Russian military invaded Ukraine in late February.

“The situation in Ukraine requires our full support,” von der Leyen said on Twitter. “Today, the European Commission proposes an additional five billion euros in macro-financial assistance to the country. This is in addition to the ten billion euros already provided by the EU in financial, humanitarian and military aid,” the statement continued.

Leyen emphasized energy independence. Russia is purposefully disconnecting us, she said


The EC did not immediately provide details on how the money might be paid. The website Politico wrote last month, citing its sources, that the Commission wants to get the approval of the member states and the European Parliament during September so that the release can start in October. The loans would be guaranteed by EU countries, and interest and administrative fees would be subsidized from the EU budget, Politico reports.

The Commission sent the first billion from the aforementioned package to Kyiv at the beginning of August. “The remaining up to three billion euros will be provided as soon as possible,” he added in a statement on Wednesday.

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