The initiative presented a proposal for a system for general backup of beverage packaging

The initiative presented a proposal for a system for general backup of beverage packaging
The initiative presented a proposal for a system for general backup of beverage packaging

Prague – The initiative for backup presented to the media today in Prague a plan for how the general backup of beverage PET bottles and cans could work in the Czech Republic. The system would include almost 11,000 collection points and containers in volumes from 0.1 to three liters. The amount of the deposit would probably be three to five crowns. The initiative is trying to push through a separate law that would introduce mandatory backups. He is discussing the topic with the Ministry of the Environment (MŽP). Its spokesperson Beata Berníková told ČTK that the department has yet to familiarize itself with the proposal.

According to the initiative, widespread back-up of beverage packaging is necessary to meet the EU’s recycling targets, where a 90 percent return rate of PET bottles for recycling should be achieved in each member state by 2029. They claim that the current classification system is not enough. According to the initiative, the amount of discarded packaging in nature has also decreased in states that have introduced widespread backup, as people have a financial incentive to return them.

Kristýna Havligerová said today on behalf of the initiative that the proposed system provides for backup packaging in which non-alcoholic beverages and beverages with an alcohol content of up to 15 percent are sold. “The principle is circularity, we really want to achieve the principle ‘from bottle to bottle’, from ‘can to can’. And that is why it is necessary for the material to be owned by the manager. The producers will have the option to buy back the material, on the condition that a bottle or can will be created. The administrator will sell the material that is not bought, again with the aim of maintaining recycling,” said Havligerová.

According to the initiative, the system would not require public funding. The responsibility would lie with the manufacturers and importers of beverage packaging, and the management company would be in charge of collecting, processing and ensuring the recycling of the collected packaging. When asked by ČTK about the costs of the system, Havligerová replied that it is not yet possible to calculate them precisely and that the proposal will still be fine-tuned. According to Havligerová, the current version of the initiative has already been sent by the MoE.

According to Havligerová, the system now targets 11,000 locations with collection machines. The collection network would also include shops over 50 square meters, smaller ones could join voluntarily. The administrator should then compensate the merchants for the direct additional costs. Regarding the deposit, Havligerová said that three to five crowns are expected, but the amount can change.

She pointed out that the returned bottle or can could be squashed, but it must resemble the original shape and have an available identifier. “Beverage manufacturers are ready. But in order to achieve the European Union’s goals for 2025 (when a 77 percent PET bottle collection rate is to be ensured, editor’s note) we need a political decision,” added Havligerová.

“The Ministry of the Environment will comment on the new proposals of the Backup Initiative when they become familiar with them, we only received them today,” wrote ČTK on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, Beata Berníková. “We will also provide them for comment to our working group and we will discuss them together at the next backup round table that we are planning for October,” the spokeswoman added.

The dispute over the possible back-up of PET bottles has been going on in the Czech Republic for several years. A package of waste laws that came into effect the year before left backup voluntary. Likewise, the amendment signed by President Miloš Zeman in August.

Critics of mandatory back-up point out that backed-up plastic bottles would have to be remelted into new ones before further use, just like bottles from collection containers are now.

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