We want answers. Lavrov asks for an explanation of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant report

We are playing with fire at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, IAEA chief Grossi warned

Kyiv and Moscow accuse each other of shelling the power plant site and attacks near it. The head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, compared the situation at the power plant to playing with fire, fearing a nuclear disaster, and called for the creation of a “protective shield or bubble around the facility.” Secretary-General António Guterres also spoke out for the creation of a demilitarized zone around the power plant. However, Moscow has repeatedly rejected the proposal in the past.

Lavrov: Many questions remain

Lavrov told Interfax news agency that Moscow wanted more information about the IAEA’s findings and had sent a corresponding request. “Further clarification is needed as there are a number of questions in the report. I will not name them now, but we asked the director general of the IAEA for clarification,” Lavrov said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova previously accused the West of building pressure for an IAEA inspection of the plant.

Today in Vladivostok, Russian President Putin repeated Russian accusations that Ukraine is shelling the Zaporozhye power plant, thereby threatening the nuclear safety of Europe. He also claimed that Russia has no military material on its premises.

At the same time, the IAEA report mentions that the inspection team saw Russian soldiers, military vehicles and other military equipment in various places of the complex. For example, there were several military trucks on the ground floor of the turbine halls of the first two blocks, which the report also confirms with a photograph.

On the brink of a humanitarian disaster

The Ukrainian mayor of Enerhodar, where the power plant is located, said today that two local neighborhoods are without electricity and gas for several months due to Russian shelling. Some areas of the city are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster, mayor Dmytro Orlov warned.

The damage is also close to the reactors, the IAEA said. She called for an end to the fighting at the power plant

Oleh Korikov, head of the Ukrainian Nuclear Safety Authority, said today that Ukraine is also investigating the possibility of closing the Zaprozh power plant for safety reasons. At the same time, he expressed concern about the state of diesel stocks, which are used in backup generators.

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