Violet. Prime Minister for all money. Here are the amounts

“Pan Čistý” was the title of Petr Nečas in the eyes of our regime media – before it was discovered that things were somewhat different. Petr Fiala plays the role of “clean” in our political scene today. The media is on his side, and what the eyes can’t see doesn’t hurt the soul. And finally, against the background of all the troubles of STAN, it is quite easy to act like an innocent. But all in time.


If there were Andrej Babiš and Petr Pavel in the 2nd round of the presidential election, who would have your vote?

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That information, mentioned in the introduction and erased from public discourse, indicates that Petr Fiala figures in the “non-profit” Center for the Study of Democracy and Culture (CDK). It’s also listed and pictured on her website, so it must be true. Well, this “non-profit” collected a total of 143 subsidies in the total amount of 96,357,234 crowns from public sources only in the period from 2000 to August 2021, i.e. just before the start of the elections! At least that’s what the Hlídač statu server says, which deals with the connection of public finances to individual persons or institutions, detects and records subsidies, public contracts, sponsors of political parties, etc.

So what does the nearly one hundred million Fiala with its CDK consist of? Let’s take it from the flashiest items:

On December 5, 2016, Fialovo CDK received a total of CZK 36,732,525 from public funds for a project called Education 2.0 – Development of key competencies through the support of goal-oriented education. Let us remind you that in 2013 he was the Minister of Education in the government of “pure” Petr Nečas. And who is the provider of these millions? Well, the Ministry of Education. Partly from their own, partly from the European Social Funds. One would say – nice severance pay. But that would be an ugly scumbag…

On 18 July 2018, CZK 29,111,818 was transferred to Fial’s CDK account for a project called Civic ID 4.0 – competences for democratic culture. Sources same as above – Ministry of Education and Culture and Science.


Was the September 3rd demonstration a success for its organizers?

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The third in this sad peloton of money thrown out the window, sorry, into the bowels of Fial’s CDK, is a series of “projects” between the years 2006-2017, the common denominator of which is said to be “support for democracy in Burma” – the individual subprojects sometimes have different names, but it goes still about the same thing in them. Overall, it cost our state, specifically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 12,351,543. Well, don’t buy it. Especially when we consider that during the same years there were several coups in Burma (Myanmar), a famous Nobel laureate was once the head of state and several times in prison, etc. I do not suspect Fial’s CDK of being involved in any of this fingers. I just don’t understand what so important our country through this “non-profit” can bring to that unfortunate country through that mountain of money. Or should only the “non-profit”? Answer for yourself.

In the years 2008-2011, the attention of Fialova CDK also turned – somewhere else – to Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs again spent a total of 3,063,500 on projects, which are said to have the goal of helping to build democracy there. CZK.

Today, one can already understand why Fiala is so welcomed in Ukraine, when he helped them “build democracy” there, maybe not with a gun in his hand, but certainly with fire in his heart. That’s probably why today the common people call him Petro Ihorovič Fialenko.

The publication of two magazines – Kontexty and Proglas – which the majority of ordinary citizens have no idea about exist, and therefore cannot be assumed to have any influence on social consciousness or public opinion, should be added to the other items of this gloomy list. And at the same time, the whole thing is still, for a change, from the chapter of the Ministry of Culture, for that time 5,711,000 CZK. Perhaps it is not out of place to remind that such Literární noviny, with all its many years of tradition and excellent reputation both from the years of the Prague Spring and from the years after 1989, did not receive a single crown from the MK in the last years of its existence, and therefore went bankrupt. Supposedly because they focused too much on politics and less on culture. And why don’t CDK magazines already carry the duality of politics and culture in the name of the publisher? Lord, there’s a damn double standard here.

Thus, we could continue the list of interesting enhancements from public sources, whose addressee was Fialovo CDK. Thus, a company where the same person who leads the most antisocial government after 1989 is exposed, claims that we must send money to Ukraine and not to rehabilitate the economic impacts on companies and households as a result of the adventurist policy of our five-wheeler, while he himself has been hanging for so many years on the public udder. When you read the autumn bills for electricity and gas, remember with love the almost 100 million from public sources that ended up in the Prime Minister’s “non-profit” account.

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author: Karel Excellent

The article is in Czech

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